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Ever heard of REDbot?

Posted by rah003 on October 17, 2011 at 6:50 AM PDT

Somebody shown me the tool called Red Bot the other day. The tool will check the headers of responses sent by your server, the compression of the content during transfer, server clock as well as modification dates claimed by your content. The info it gives about each page of the site is broken in 3 sections - General, Content Negotiation and Caching.

When I saw the tool, I thought it might be useful to provide this information to admin directly in Magnolia CMS, to be able to check on each and every page while browsing the site.

Magnolia RedBot integration module is what I came up with, during my 20 hours long flight last week.

Module let you to check the site using the REDbot, and stores the results within Magnolia CMS, exposing them as additional column in the Website tree.

Additionally it can also produce tree map from the results either in TM3 format for the TreeMap browser developed by University of Maryland for the overview of your whole site or in Google TreeMap format for interactive browsing of the results. And of couse one can also browse the raw results directly in the Data Module.

The results are not retrieved just-in-time, but instead to speed up the browsing and lower the load on the site, they are periodically refreshed using the scheduler.

Here's few examples of how the results look like when seen via Tree browser:

and via Google Tree Map:

If you think this might be useful for your Magnolia CMS powered site, feel free to get the module snapshot and install it. By default it contains results of analysis ran against the demo-project so if you have instance with STK and demo-project laying somewhere around you can try that as well.

If by any chance you find out you like the module and want to make it better, let me know and you can get the commit rights for it ... or you can just contribute patches as usual.



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