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JCP 2011 Executive Committee Election Under Way; "Meet the Candidates" Call on Thursday

Posted by editor on October 19, 2011 at 2:07 PM PDT

The JCP Program Office has annouced that the 2011 Executive Committee elections are under way. Thursday morning at 8:30 AM (US Pacific Daylight Time) there will be a "Meet the Candidates" conference call. Heather VanCura, from the JCP Program Office, commented:

This is a great opportunity to meet the candidates, listen to their qualification statements and ask questions.

In other words, this is an interactive call. It's a good chance to go beyond simply reading the candidates' qualifications and deciding who you'll vote for based on published materials.

Here's something else to consider: there are a lot of candidates for this election. There are nine candidates for two open seats on the Standard/Enterprise Executive Committee; and there are five candidates for two open seats on the Micro Edition Executive Committee. So, if you'll be voting, it's going to take some time to give appropriate consideration to each candidate.

The "Meet the Candidates" call, then, is an opportunity to get a clearer view of what distinguishes the candidates. You'll find complete details for joining the call near the bottom of Heather's blog post.

Voting in the EC Special Election will be open through October 31. Election results will be presented on November 1. Weblogs

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