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Fun with MooWheel

Posted by rah003 on October 19, 2011 at 6:28 PM PDT

Did you ever tried to visualize dependencies between pages on your average website? If so, you probably know what kind of pain it can be. The relations tend to be messy and any kind of chart displaying them is not easy to read.

The other night I was looking for some charting library and run across MooWheel.

Using the Wheel for rendering the deps you get reasonably readable chart for smaller site and something colorful and nice to look at for the big ones.

The only drawback I found so far is that size of generated canvas grows with the size of the site and at some point it will just not fit any screen you have around. Does anybody know of any good JS library for rescaling rendered canvas or for redirecting output of JS rendering into image?

I'll probably include rendering of this chart as part of the admin UI for Content Dependencies module of Magnolia CMS so that you can generate such charts for any kind of Magnolia CMS powered site.

Some food for the eye:



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demo-project-w-hierarchy.jpg162.44 KB
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