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What Questions Do You Have for Henrik Ståhl and Cameron Purdy?

Posted by editor on November 8, 2011 at 9:10 PM PST

At next week's DEVOXX conference, Henrik Ståhl and Cameron Purdy will be interviewed live. In case you don't recognize the names: Henrik Ståhl is a Senior Director of Product Management at Oracle, overseeing planning and strategy for the Java Platform; Cameron Purdy is Vice President of Development at Oracle, responsible for the Java EE platform, web server and application server products.

If you were going to be at DEVOXX, what question(s) might you want to ask Henrik and/or Cameron? It turns out that even if you won't be at DEVOXX, you can propose and/or vote for questions that will be asked of them -- just visit the Devoxx 2011 page at Google moderator, to vote on questions, or ask your own. You'll need a Google account to participate.

As I write this, the question list is wide open. Henrik and Cameron will be presenting in the DEVOXX Day 3 keynote. What would you like to ask them? Note that Parleys will be recording the DEVOXX keynotes -- so, if your question is asked, you and everyone else will be able to hear your question, and Henrik's and Cameron's response.


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