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Back to Devoxx!

Posted by fabriziogiudici on November 16, 2011 at 1:34 AM PST

2011, and I'm back to my favourite conference. In the past two years I attended JavaOne and Jazoon, but for different reasons I wasn't able to go to Antwerpen. A number of things have changed in the meantime. Sun is no more here, but I already absorbed the shock at JavaOne 2010. Devoxx is held in November since a couple of years (previously it was in December). For my desire to match a photographic trip to France this is definitely a plus: the landscape looks better one month in advance and it seems that the weather is definitely better too (or maybe is it just a chance?): four days for the trip to Antwerpen and four days of excellent weather in a row (with just a few hours of fog through Picardie). 

Now, the conference. As usual, everything is smooth and well organized. The speakers' dinner, yesterday, was excellent to meet (again) some people whom you usually interact with only by means of the internet (the food was fine too, BTW). There are differences, through the years. My first Devoxx's (JavaPolis at the time) were packed with italians, especially JUG leaders. For a number of reasons, this is no more happening. I also recall a large pack of brazilians, lead by Bruno - well, this morning Stephan Janssen is trying to deceive me, as he's wearing the large brazilian flag on his back (I suppose I'll figure out why now that he's starting the introductory talk).

The technical thing for getting in this year is a wristband, a plastic band that is wrapped around your wrist carrying on identification information. I suppose it's better for the management - what I don't like is that you should keep it all the time until the conference is over. Well, it's waterproof (no problems with the shower), but I really hate to have something at my wrist when I go to sleep. Fortunately, with a little trick, it's possible to remove and re-attach it (working around a design of the junction that is supposed to self-destroy when detached). 

Yesterday I also met some guys from the NetBeans Dream Team (and Geertjan of course). In front of a beer offered at the Oracle stand there has been a quick discussion about Swing, JavaFX 2.0, HTML 5 and the tablets. More about this in a upcoming blog post. 

So big is my excitement that I even managed in waking up at the proper time this morning and I'm ready to attend the first keynote speech (usually I miss those at the first time slot). Some numbers: Devoxx celebrates its tenth birthday with 3350 attendees from 40 countries; 150 sessions, 200 hours and 170+ Rock Star speakers. 60 JUGs endorsed the event. Google is for the first time a sponsor. And an announcement: we have a spin off in Paris: Devoxx France! 18th to 20th April 2012. As far as I understand, there will be a relevant percentage of presentations held in french language. 

Enough for this morning. Oh, of course, let's not forget my speech: "Building Android apps with Maven", which is scheduled tomorrow afternoon (Nov 17) at 14:00. 

PS Ok, the brasilian flag is in honour to Bruno, that wasn't able to be there. Bruno is even depicted in the large "map of the world" that is this year's official graphics of the conference (it has been on the home page of the conference for months). The graphics itself, BTW, is something allegoric with a lot of details inside, much in the same way the flemish famous painter Hieronymus Bosch made his masterworks. Only a bit less worrying.  

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