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Juggy Says: "Welcome to JavaOne Latin America 2011!"

Posted by editor on December 2, 2011 at 9:02 PM PST

When I first heard that Oracle planned to start having JavaOnes on continents other than North America, I thought that was an excellent idea. This coming Tuesday through Thursday, the second JavaOne Latin America will take place in São Paulo, Brazil.

The "Quick Links" box on the JavaOne Latin America site interestingly has Java Users Group as the second item. Clicking that brings you to a page that tells you that "Juggy Welcomes you to JavaOne Latin America 2011" (see Juggy to the right of this paragraph).

If you're not familiar with Juggy, he's "the mascot for Java Users and Java User Groups around the world." On the JavaOne Latin America site, Juggy doesn't just welcome you to the conference, he also gives a little speech encouraging you to support something dear to his heart. Here's what he says:

As the official mascot of Java users and Java User Groups worldwide, I would like to welcome you to the second annual JavaOne conference in Latin America. Your loyalty, passion and commitment to Java is what makes the technology so vibrant. So many of you are using Java in new and innovative ways and the best method to share your Java experiences, creativity and vision is to join a local Java User Group near you. You can learn more about the Java User Group program by visiting:

I don't know if Java is "bigger" in South America than it is on other continents, but I do get the feeling that South American Java User Groups are very energized. I'm not trying to take anything away from other JUGs, by any means. But... For example, at JavaOne in the US a couple months ago, there was one panel session where it seemed that every time a panel member from Brazil made a comment, a particular group in the audience reacted very enthusiastically, and loudly (given the actual number of people who were cheering). A voice vote on any topic would have surely have been won by whichever option that contingent wanted (assuming they voted in unison).

Anyway, if you go to the Java User Groups page on the JavaOne Latin America site, you'll see images and links for 16 different Latin American JUGs. If you're located in Latin America, and you're not yet a member of a JUG, Juggy definitely wants you to consider joining one.

On the Sunday before JavaOne Latin America begins, there's going to be a Geek Bike Ride (Arun Gupta says it was organized by Fabiane Nardon and SouJava), where you'll be able to meet famous Java gurus and get to know fellow Java developers "in a fun and different environment." That sounds like fun to me -- except for the starting time (7 AM). But "there is a good reason for that: it will be extremely hot in December and it will be very hard to ride later in the morning. Believe us: this is the best time in the day." Getting into mid-summer there, yes...

Browsing the sessions list (PDF) reminds me of JavaOne from two months ago. Quite a few speakers who were there are also speaking in Brazil, for example, James Weaver, Bruno Souza, Stephen Chin, Patrick Curran, Arun Gupta, Geertjan Wielenga, Terrence Barr, Simon Ritter... If I was there, I might be able to catch some of the sessions I missed two months ago!

But there are also many unique sessions and presenters at JavaOne Latin America that were not at the North American JavaOne. Indeed, it looks like a great line up!

Read Arun's post for some more insight into JavaOne Latin America 2011. Arun attended last year's conference, so he knows what to expect (and part of what to expect, he says, is "fun"). And visit the JavaOne Latin America site for complete details on the conference.

If you'll be attending JavaOne Latin America, keep a look out for Juggy. I think he might be wandering around in person at some point during the conference, seeking interesting conversation... Weblogs

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