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Aliber Project in, Award in Indonesia ICT Award. miss APICTA Competition

Posted by fthamura on December 4, 2011 at 9:14 AM PST

This year is a good year for Meruvian, after 6 years work, now the student can achieve as winner in national competition, but we still have problem send them to APICTA for Asia  Pasific ICT competition, because dunno why. Merit Award could be sent to Asia Pasific. but cant... I wish APICTA global organizer read my blog.

Edy is a 15 years, when in competition happen, he was still 2 year in vocational highschool (secondary school).

He create an amazing project using REST, Struts2, Hibernate and also create AJAX like using JQuery, with Android edition also for submit leave. The project called Aliber, the good news, it hosted in since the first commit (joining a migration project for all Meruvian projects to Read my last blog here

Aliber is a leave management solution, which come when student always extend the leave without explanation. Which that is not good.

If u see his parent revenue, which i believe less than US$ 10 for working a day..he is amazing son, isnt it.  Yes, my job to make he become the one, and can pass the jTechnopreneur program, create his company (start from his Aliber), and become global player one day.

I blog this, may be this experience can inspire all of you in another country, and may be we can working together. or may be Oracle start from can work together also, because we can create hundreds people like Edy globally. and Edy can inspire people anywhere..

This education project start from JENI (Java Education NEtwork Indonesia), and we extend to (add Android, REST).

for more information of this activities can visit


Dont forget to checkout Edy's work in and we love to give the project feedback.


I hear that Aliber 2.0 will adopt Activiti, to replace leave approvral process (which right now based on manual/database) rather advanced workflow (dynamic workflow).


Aliber is OpenSource project, with Apache License.. 





If you want to know more about Aliber, Edy has created a complete manual, take a look this.


and Aliber's presentation also.

Edy also part of development Syariah application, take a look.