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VisualLangLab 7: New Features, Expanded Tutorials

Posted by sanjay_dasgupta on December 13, 2011 at 10:18 PM PST

A new tutorial that exercises VisualLangLab using all the examples and techniques in Chapter-3, A Quick Tour for the Impatient, of the book The Definitive ANTLR Reference can be found at this link.

Various other improvements have been made in version 7:

  • A new WildCard pseudo-token that matches any defined token has been added to facilitate recovery from errors in the grammar.
  • Each part of the AST description is now tagged with the contributing sub-rule's description field to clarify the sub-rule to AST-segment association.
  • Intuitive icons have been added to the rule-tree's context menus
  • use of the token-creation dialogs have been simplified 

These changes make VisualLangLab even more powerful and user friendly.