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Preview of VisualLangLab Pure-Java Version Avaliable

Posted by sanjay_dasgupta on January 5, 2012 at 9:15 AM PST

A preview of the pure Java version of VisualLangLab is available here. The GUI, and other characteristics, remain virtually unchanged (see documentation), but the download is very much smaller as it does not bundle the entire Scala API. The preview does not yet support packrat parsing, and an API for application programs is not yet available. All grammar development and testing features are however available.

The reduction in jar-file size was achieved by rewriting in Java the elements of the Scala API actually used (and not bundling entire jar files). This pure Java version will differ from the previous version in the following ways:

  • Action-code must be written in JavaScript only.
  • Minor changes to the AST structure.
  • The AST is described in terms of Java/JVM data-structures.
  • The API will support application programming in all JVM languages uniformly (including Scala).

The documentation, examples, and sample-code all remain applicable with no (or very minor) changes. You can get the preview version here. To start VisualLangLab Java version, just download and double-click the VLL4J.jar file.

Help me test this version by using it for your next parser project. For a comprehensive tutorial, see A Quick Tour. This tutorial was written for the previous version, and uses a few Scala action-code functions (which are not supported in the pure Java preview). But you can find JavaScript versions of these action-code functions in the sample grammars bundled with the preview version. Just select "Help -> Sample grammars -> TDAR-Expr-Action" from the main menu (of the pure Java preview version).