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Posted by editor on January 17, 2012 at 4:52 PM PST

Michael Huettermann has been hard at work recently, updating the Java User Groups community pages. This past Friday, he announced "A further bunch of JUG web pages updated":

After I've intensively updated a bunch of JUG related web pages on, especially those that can be reached from the new/updated "JUG Resources" block on our main entry page, we now have a dramatically reduced number of open issues and a better user experience...

If you're involved in a Java User Group and you've not recently visited or participated in the happenings in the JUGs Community, now is a very good time to consider getting involved again.

There's a lot happening involving Java User Groups today. We see new JUGs springing up across the world, for example the Algeria Java User Group, which held its third meeting on Monday. Oracle has been active in supporting JUGs, sending prominent people to JUG meetings, and supporting JUG activities through events like last year's Java 7 Community Celebrations.

On the JUGs Community main page you can find a Java User Group in your area using the JUG Profile Map:

Or, by viewing an alphabetical listing worldwide Java User Groups. Or, you can use the search box to try to find a JUG.

The page also includes recent JUG news, and JUG related tweets (to create one, tag your tweet with #javajug or #javausergroups).

The recent focus of Michael's efforts has been on the pages that are linked to in the "JUG Resources" column on the left. These pages include:

As you can see, there's a lot available for Java User Groups on If you haven't participated previously (or not lately), now is an excellent time to get involved! Weblogs

Since my last blog post, Otavio Santana posted a new blog:


Our current poll asks How soon do you plan to start using the just-released NetBeans 7.1?. Voting will be open until this Friday, January 20.


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