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Poll Result: NetBeans Users Quickly Adopt Version 7.1

Posted by editor on January 21, 2012 at 1:08 PM PST

The latest poll suggests that NetBeans users have been quick in their adoption of the NetBeans IDE 7.1 Release. A total of 802 votes were cast in the poll, with the following results:

How soon do you plan to start using the just-released NetBeans 7.1?

  • 50% (405 votes) - I'm already using it
  • 8% (65 votes) - Within the next month
  • 6% (45 votes) - I'll upgrade eventually
  • 2% (19 votes) - I'm staying with my current NetBeans version
  • 19% (152 votes) - Never, since I don't use NetBeans
  • 7% (56 votes) - I don't know
  • 7% (60 votes) - Other

If you eliminate the 19% who are not NetBeans users (and don't intend to become NetBeans users), the "already using it" percentage rises above 62% (405 out of 650). So, about 5/8 of NetBeans users (or potential NetBeans users -- some of these may have answered "I don't know" or "Other") who participated in the poll are already using the NetBeans 7.1 release. Meanwhile, another 17% plan to upgrade within the next month, or eventually.

So, if the poll is representative of the broader NetBeans user community, all prior versions of NetBeans will soon be used by only a small fraction of all NetBeans users. Of course, this isn't a scientific poll...

It's clearly a very good thing for a community based project when the user community quickly adopts the latest major release. That facilitates communication from the community on what improvements and enhancements are most important for upcoming releases -- helping the development team prioritize the possibilities and set its roadmap so that it responds to the community's needs.

If you haven't yet decided on whether you'd like to move to NetBeans IDE 7.1, there are tutorials and videos available to help you decide, or get started.

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