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Indonesian Java Movement from My Side.

Posted by fthamura on March 2, 2012 at 8:40 AM PST

I blog this, because shocked with Oracle's Corporate Fair new "program" in our area, Asia Pasific, and feel that our 12 years work is like never seen. Strange what Oracle doing in headquarter, and why all the Sun report from pre-acquzition never come to his office.. I am glad somone can send this blog to him. and change his "status" of this country, Indonesia to a better place.. rather a country that "need" to know what is Java.

This is a blog related to my 12 years Java experience and movement.. 

This is an Indonesian Java Movement from my side and perspective, and several milestone that important in Java movement in Indonesia.. please dont redo what we did.

?2000 - first under the Java Research Prodesain Indonesia PT (Spin off a lot of PT Intercitra, PT Adelva Solusindo (operator 21, one of top 10 hottest dotcom in the country right now).) I held CTO in this company. PT is company... we use PT as inc. here..

2001 - Started Cimande open source project, which under, hosted in SourceForge.

2002 - Standing Intercitra company that provides support for the project Cimande, and create solutions Aconix (Content Management), the solution grow in 2012, we have more than 50, and the ecosystem grow as standard education linked with Java.. 

2003 -  Cahya Ratih, Erwin from VEDC, Hendra & Friends from UI came to Intercitra for internship, one of the job makes a neat Cimande. Cahya did debugging.. and we shocked this work become our national work 3 years from this year.

March 2003, born JUG Indonesia, origin name is JavaJob Indonesia, a Java job search mechanism for Intercitra

2005 - Frans Thamura a Java Champion, one of the world's first Java Champion (there are 25 people at the time). # Thamura

2006 - Becomes a member of the committee JENI (Java Education Network Indonesia). Material distributed at one . With 15 000 Pupils cover 168 and some vocational Poltek throughout Java. Irena and Nana Internship Meruvian one child, entered Kick Andy, for teaching Java in Vietnam.

Reference for JENI:

or can access to the website 

JENI adopted the JEDI material developed by Sun and UPH Philippines. http:///, as well as incorporating some of the stack to facilitate product development, one of which Cimande project. I believe JEDI also adopts well in Brazil, and move to Vietnam, take a look the work

2007 - I was elected as Oracle Ace Director, one of the first in Asia Pacific, because the reference of the Oracle Sydney, David Forden the Director of Asia Pasific.

2008 - Birth JARC (Asean Java Research Center), to areas of Southeast Asia and Jtechnopreneur, where one pengeola JARC is Cahya Ruth, plus juniors Rizal Adompo (Also ex Internship Intercitra 2005). Entrepreneurial opportunities roadshow to 8 cities from Jakarta to Surabaya.

JARC teach Java in 11 countries under the SEAMEO (concoritium from 11 ministries of education around south east asia).

Java Program presentation in Washington DC (KScope), at the invitation of Oracle HQ, as one of the update of the global Oracle Ace Director. thx for Justin/Vicky Team that allowed me to speak there, under Ace Director Internal Meeting and GAthering.

2009 - Frans Thamura part of team to create a spectrum of modern curricula for vocational schools, and includes Java as the main stack of ICT education programming and Indonesia. take a look of the curriculum here  

Oracle Indonesia appointed Frans Thamura Oracle Academy mentor for Java area, signed by Oracle Indonesia CEO, and every meeting, the CEO came.. until his resign and join EMC, Adi Rusli.

Meruvian working with Gunadarma to manage the Business Incubator Center and curriculum development "Java" as a pilot project implementation of E-Stock Aptikom. I am personally part of the Incubator since 2003. the curriculum between Gunadarma and Meruvian is an implementation of E-Bursa from APTIKOM (Association of higher schools in Indonesia, with member more than 600 universities and polytechnis) .

this is the slide that explain E-Bursa.

2010 - Presentation of the movement of Java in Indonesia in Beijing JavaOne, Oracle at the invitation of Sydney., you can see here also the letter from Oracle Indonesia regarding to Oracle Academy.

2011 - Gorontalo Polytechnics and Meruvian become partner, We create a modern polytechnic curriculum, and ready to be submitted to the Higher Education, to be a national curriculum Poltek.

This year, first company to dinakodai by the "student" of Meruvian is Mervotura. (Nita Puspita and Mila Yuliani) -> see her in Java Magazine next march :)...oopps this march.

Edy, an apprentice Meruvian, got a merit award in INAICTA (Indonesia ICT Award), and the first champion in Indonesia Android Competition, I believe the first Enterprise product in the ICT Award under highschool category.

Take a look Edy's slide.. in slideshare here.. the link 

JDuchess Indonesia was born, the first Java community for women, founded by Meruvian heroine, Mila, Nety, and Senja ( ), with the establishment and support of the Global JDuchess, Agnes Crepet. JUG Leaders from Lyon France. Yes, Agnes recommended the girls to be part of Java Magazine, thx to Justin to make them in the magazine.. (They loved the photographer that Oracle sent from Milan.. wow.. awesome...).

2012 - Mila Yuliani and Nety into Java Magazine as a recommendation of Agnes Crepet (JDuchess Franches), after visiting Meruvian Agnes in 2011, evaluating the curriculum Indonesia and said the curriculum is better than France, but still less complete than the French industry (Spesalisasi Agnes is Agile) .

Oracle Indonesia under Asia Pasific direction, choose Indonesia, China and India as a pilot project for Java, and will introduce Java to this country...


(NB: I am working with Indian company, in part of the biggest integration between ministery that linking 77 ministeries under one system, also with Korean, Malaysian companies in this work, one of the biggest loan from our goverment for create and implement a system..all based on Java).

JENI like work with JENE umbrella also try to be adopted in Egypt.. take a look from Ahmed work in 




Frans Thamura