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Poll Result: JCP 2.8 Executive Committee Missed Meetings Penalties

Posted by editor on March 4, 2012 at 4:44 PM PST

A plurality of voters in a recently completed poll approve of the new penalties imposed on JCP Executive Committee members who miss consecutive meetings. A total of 214 votes were cast in the poll, with the following results:

Under JCP 2.8, EC members lose their voting rights if they miss two consecutive meetings. Your view on this?

  • 38% (82 votes) - It's great - EC members shouldn't miss meetings
  • 12% (26 votes) - It's a bad idea - EC members should always be able to vote
  • 8% (17 votes) - I doubt it will change anything
  • 14% (31 votes) - Who cares?
  • 10% (21 votes) - I don't know
  • 17% (37 votes) - Other

While 38% is a considerable plurality in comparision with the percentages for all the other response options, you certainly can't say there's incredible enthusiasm within the developer community on this issue, based on these results. A combined 32% of the voters either don't think the new rules will make much difference, don't care, or don't know what they think about the new rules.

Still, only 12% of the voters voiced disapproval of the new rules. Perhaps some of the people who selected "Other" disapprove of the new rules, but no one took the time to post a comment.

Finally, the vote total was fairly low compared with many recent polls. While these are not scientific polls, a low vote total certainly suggests a low level of interest in the poll question.

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-- Kevin Farnham

Twitter: @kevin_farnham

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