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Java User Groups Promote Java Education

Posted by editor on March 31, 2012 at 11:10 PM PDT

Java User Groups are becoming active in educating the next generation of Java developers. In a post to the JUG Leaders email list, the MoroccoJUG stated that they organized "a new program to give Java EE courses to students in their graduation year (from engineering schools and university..)". They call the program JEMI (Java Education Moroccan Initiative).

The curriculum includes:

  • Enterprise application with Java EE6 (Java EE overview)
  • Web Development ( JSP, Servlets); JSF
  • CDI (Context & dependency injection)
  • JPA 2.0; EJB 3.0
  • JAX-WS within the context of Web Services and RESTful Web Services

Pictures are available on the MoroccoJUG Flickr page.

The Pakistan JUG has also "started a 4-session Java EE 6 Workshop in local university,ialamabad,Pakistan to educate students about Java."

The idea of Java User Groups engaging in educating the younger generation of developers is receiving considerable attention on the JUG Leaders email list of late. Java User Group Chennai leader Raj Hegde wonders:

Do we really need multiple version of java material in English (which is a common in many countries) ? If we do so what i see is some very basic change in this... instead of creating multiple English version of Java Education material, why not well first all join and create one single English version and then let regional JUGs can translate this material to their regional language (spanish, french, tamil, hindi etc) I feel this makes sense.!

Makes a lot of sense to me, too. Why not have a "master" version of essential Java material written in English. Then, where needed, involve Java User Groups to provide translations for members of their locality who cannot benefit from the English language edition? This, as opposed to having many different versions of basic Java content produced in various countries...

Raj ends his post with:

We have started wonderful movements in these days "Adopt a JSR" "Adopt OpenJDK" Why not we make something on a common Java English material and then let it be with regional JUG to do in different languages.

Java User Groups have indeed recently become very active in the JCP via the Adopt-A-JSR Program, and they are also increasingly active in Java's future through increased involvement in development of the next generation of the OpenJDK. Educating the next generation of developers does indeed seem a natural extension of these efforts, no? Weblogs

Since my last blog post, Rex Young posted new blog:

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-- Kevin Farnham

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Nice information and they are doing a great job. Do they ...

Nice information and they are doing a great job. Do they provide online eduction too?

refurbished office cubicles Miami

A great grassroots effort! It's high time we start doing ...

A great grassroots effort!
It's high time we start doing this like MS do with their academic evangelists where they push their .NET tool chains into tertiary education curriculum.

We haven't done enough at this level for Java technologies (at least here in Singapore) and it is no surprise we get a diminishing pool of fresh-blood Java developers, because they were only exposed to .NET environment.

I wish the JUGs all success in this commendable endeavor !