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Java or J2EE : the Name Matters

Posted by larryjava on May 14, 2012 at 9:19 AM PDT

10 years ago, when we were decided to use Java technology to create a new application,
for use at Amway Corp; we thought it was sufficient to say, "We are using Java!".
We were wrong...
We quickly realized that there was Java 2 Standard Edition and there was Java 2 Enterprise Edition.
Since we were architecting our application to run in an application server-based environment,
we concluded that we would be using Java 2 SE and Java 2 EE.
We were wrong again...
Further investigation told us that there were parts of the Java 2 SE API that we could not use
in our application.
For example, we could (or should) not use any thread control (util.concurrent package) portions of
Java 2 SE because the application server would handle thread control for the application.
Since our basic User Interface would be a web browser, any screen rendering (awt, swing packages)
portions of Java 2 SE were off-limits as well.
We finally decided to say that we are using J2EE technologies with the Java programming language.
That should have settled things.
We were wrong again...
As our project progressed in those first few months, we became known as the "Java group".
Many of the other IT groups, at Amway Corp, thought we were doing client-side Java development.
They thought we were creating easy, simple applications with our "cute" Java tools.
We felt we had to correct this misconception. So back to the names.
The final position on the names was the following:
We are the "J2EE group".
We do not develop Java applications, we develop J2EE applications.
Our application is not client-based, it is server-based.
So 10 years later, how did things work out?
Even though J2EE is now JEE, we still use the J2EE acronym. We really like the way it sounds. J2EE!
Other IT groups still call us the "Java group". But with 1 million lines of code in
production, no one thinks our application is simple or cute.
So what you use for a name really does matter.
To this day, I still find myself telling someone at Amway, "We don't do Java... We do J2EE!!!"


Haha, it seems that a name isn't just a name, it has some ...

Haha, it seems that a name isn't just a name, it has some underlying meanings ;-)

J2EE is NOT now "JEE", it's "Java EE". It you're still ...

J2EE is NOT now "JEE", it's "Java EE". It you're still doing "J2EE", you're working with 6 year old technology.

Bill Shannon
Java EE Spec Lead