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Poll Result: Developers Agree with Java 7 / Java 8 "Plan B" Decision

Posted by editor on May 27, 2012 at 3:05 PM PDT

A majority of developers who voted in the just completed poll consider the "Plan B" decision to release Java 7 with a smaller feature set, saving the other features for Java 8, to have been a good one. A total of 531 votes were cast. The exact question and results were:

Was the decision to release Java 7 earlier by pushing some enhancements into Java 8 a good one?

  • 60% (318 votes) - Yes
  • 11% (56 votes) - Maybe
  • 11% (59 votes) - No
  • 12% (64 votes) - I don't know
  • 6% (34 votes) - Other

It's unusual for a majority of voters in a poll to select one of the options. Also rare is for the other options to claim approximately the same number of votes. The result is that the "Yes" option received about about five times as many votes as any of the other options.

While this is not a scientific poll (my usual disclaimer), the voting suggests that developers are indeed pleased to have had Java 7 starting a year ago, rather than having had to wait for a more fully-featured Java 7 that was originally planned.

In Mark Reinhold's blog It's time for ... Plan B, written in September, 2010, he posited the choices as being:

  • Plan A: put out Java 7 as it was originally planned, with a mid-2012 release date;
  • Plan B: put out a Java 7 with reduced features in mid-2011, and a Java 8 with the remaining features in late 2012.

Mark had previously asked for feedback on the decision, saying that Oracle was "leaning heavily" toward Plan B. After receiving many responses, Mark said:

The vo

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