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Java and OO Boot Camp

Posted by larryjava on May 28, 2012 at 3:17 PM PDT

In the beginning, our development team had no Java experience at all.
Most of us were mainframe developers with a decade or so of IT experience.

We realized that not only did we need Java training, but we needed training
on object-oriented concepts as well. It seemed like a very challenging goal to achieve.

One of the reasons we chose our particular Java software tools vendor
is because their proposal to Amway included a Java\OO training program.

The first classes were for the designers on our team. This was a small group of people.

1) Object Oriented Analysis with UML - requirements gathering and use-case specifications
2) Object Oriented Design with UML - class diagram and other UML diagram development

These classes took place off-site at our software tool vendor's training facility.
Each class was 7 hours a day, 5 days, lecture and lab.

The next classes were for everyone doing Java development.
This was a large group of people.

1) Developing OO Applications with Java - OO concepts and beginning Java\J2SE
2) Testing OO Applications with Java - more Java\J2SE and client-based development
3) Servlet and JSP Development - J2EE and developing on an application server
4) EJB Development - more J2EE and developing on an application server

These classes took place on-site at Amway Corp HQ in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Each class was 7 hours a day, 5 days, lecture and lab.

The entire training program took place over a 2 month period.

As you might guess, this Java\OO training was very intense. Long days for everybody.
There were a number of "ah ha" moments for some of us during the training.
Even though our brains were quite tired of "learning" by the end of the last class,
we all survived the experience!
This training marked the beginning of our group's transformation from
Legacy-system developers to Java\OO developers.
10 years later, I think everyone will still say it was time well spent.
10 years later, I still see the old training books
being used to educate our new team members. They are quite dated by now.
But we still put them to use.

If we ever wondered about Amway's commitment to Java and OO technologies,
a six-week training curriculum put all doubts to rest.
Amway certainly gave us all that we needed to succeed on our Java adventure.
It was six weeks I will never forget.