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Java as certification brand.. JSR 358, and Future of Harmony certification + Android as Java

Posted by fthamura on June 14, 2012 at 3:58 AM PDT

After reading the - JSR 358, i can see the prospect of Harmony become JavaSE. Yes, there is no reason to keep block the Harmony become JavaSE.. to keep the community under Java umbrella, we need to make it.. but i can see Java will move from product become standard.. the RI is ok.... but i love the new body.. :) will JSR 358 make this happen.

I believe this is amazing challanging, because how Baidu, Amazon and Google want to sit in JCP.. (Still confuse how OHA work in this case??). As we know, Linux and Android (linux) has become one in their kernel now.. awesome work isnt it.

See the derivative of Harmony called Android that rule the world, become the most popular mobile space. yes, i am personally love the Android development. compare with List + RMS in JavaME that "SU*K". Agree? an no MIDP 3.0 phone in the market, strange thing the MIDP 3.0, lead by Motorolla CMIIW.

I can see the new Java will have new standard that adopt Android.. or make Android become YEs, to late, because why dont make it years before.. this smiliar case with Spring to JavaEE DI.. Spring has big community there, and several will stay happy with Spring. esp modules of Spring is awesome. Can JCP success bring Android to Java?

ps.. do u still using hibernate as hibernate.cfg or persistance.xml?

we have a lot of case, JDO (JPA), EJB2 (EJB3).. mmm repeated case..

but.. In Indonesia, the JavaME i believe left in Nokia S40 market, which Nokia now bring to NICE (Nokia Indonesia Community Entushiasme). dunno how the community program will switch the JavaME become WinPhone programmer. This is interesting case, because smiliar with 'VB6 community move to Java' because the issue of 'VB6 is not compatible with'. WInPhone is not standard.. and nokia "move it" :).. can nokia success..

Interesting right.. how market move from A to Z. and Z to A..

I think Android become standard quiet interesting, esp after Oracle lose in court.. yes, we also glad that we can implement another JVM by ours, and commercial it before pass the JCP.. (pass or cannot pass)..

NB: why there is not JSR for SpringMVC and Struts2 or Stripes? and why should JSF?