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Java User Groups Sought for Adopt OpenJDK Bugathon Pilot Program

Posted by editor on June 20, 2012 at 10:40 AM PDT

Martijn Verburg, of the London Java Community, announced on the JUG-Leaders mailing list that the Adopt OpenJDK program is seeking Java User Groups for a new Adopt OpenJDK Bugathon pilot training program. Martijn said:

"We're looking for 3 JUGs to be part of the pilot for expanding the Adopt OpenJDK bugathons (hack days) to a global audience!"

If you're not familiar with Adopt OpenJDK, it's a new effort that seeks to expand involvement by the community in testing, debugging, developing, and documenting the OpenJDK. The idea is that individual Java User Groups (or non-JUG developers) select a particular task as their area of focus.

So, what's an "Adopt OpenJDK Bugathon"? It's basically a "hack day" where the participants find and document bugs in a particular area of the OpenJDK. Training JUG leaders to lead these events is what's currently in the works. Cecilia Borg posted some notes about the initial planning early last week.

Three Java User Groups will participate in the July Bugathon training event. In his messages to JUG leaders, Martijn said:

"the intention is to hold Bugathon Instructor training [with] the three chosen JUGs on July 11th at 1800-2000 CET (0900-1100 PST) - where we'll cover how to run one of the sessions and a section on how a patch goes through the review process in the Adopt OpenJDK programme and then the OpenJDK itself."

If this sounds like something your Java User Group would like to participate in, Martijn invites you to contact him directly (martijnverburg at gmail dot com), and he'll send you the dial-in details. In conclusion, Martijn notes:

"We're really excited about this opportunity for our members to work on Java itself, hope to see you on the call :-)" Weblogs

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-- Kevin Farnham

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