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2012 JAX Innovation Award Winners: Restructure 101, JetBrains, Adam Bien, and Charles Nutter

Posted by editor on July 14, 2012 at 11:01 AM PDT

The winners of the 2012 JAX Innovation Awards were announced this past week. The objective of the awards is simply stated: "Reward those technologies, companies, organisations and individuals that make outstanding contributions to Java." There are three categories of JAX award: Most Innovative Java Technology, Most Innovative Java Company, and Top Java Ambassador. In addition to a winner in each category, one of the finalists who did not win an award is selected to receive a "Special Jury" prize "in acknowledgement of their unique contribution and positive impact on the Java ecosystem."

The five finalists in each award category were invited to attend the JAX Conference in San Francisco, CA. This year's winners each received a $2,500 prize. In case you're not aware of the contributions these organizations and individuals have made to the Java community, here are brief summaries of their accomplishments.

Restructure 101 (winner of the Most Innovative Java Technology award) facilitates the management of large, unstructured code bases. With Restructure 101, developers are able to refactor complex code bases, by taking advantage of visualizations of the code provided by Restructure's Levelized Structure Map (LSM). You can see a Restructure 101 video on the Headways Software products page.

JetBrains (winner of the Most Innovative Java Company award) is well-known as the developer of IntelliJ IDEA; but, the company offers many additional products as well, for example, the TeamCity continuous integration server, the Kotlin language, and IDEs for many other programming languages.

Adam Bien (winner of the Top Java Ambassador award) is a Java Champion who works as a freelance consultant, speaker, and author. Adam's about.adam-bien page lists many more details.

Charles Nutter (winner of the Special Jury award) is a JRuby developer and JVM advocate. Charles tweets as @headius.

Congratulations to all the winners! Weblogs

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