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10 Years of Java: What a Ride!

Posted by larryjava on August 17, 2012 at 4:33 AM PDT

10 years ago, we began our journey into the world of Java and "J2EE".
It was a big risk for my company, Amway Corp, to do this.
We had no in-house expertise and we had critical applications to migrate to the new technology.
From the beginning, we were determined to succeed.

Today, 10 years after; I can say our Java adventure has been very successful.
We have created two complex applications and have over 1 million lines of Java code in Production.
To be involved in a project that requires the introduction of "paradigm shifting" technologies doesn't
happen often. So it has been very gratifying for me to be part of this work.

For the most part, we were able to do things our way, free from "outside" interference.
We have made some mistakes along the way. But we have learned much from them and moved on.
Our applications have added value to the company and we have many happy users around the world.
Our development team has become very self-sufficient and very confident.

Work continues on our latest Java application. There is still much to be done with it.

I have told the story of our Java adventure from my perspective.
I like to think our success with Java is good for the entire Java community.
Our success with Java contributes to an already healthy Java industry.

For now, I am done telling stories.
Thanks to our esteemed Editor at, Kevin Farnham, for providing me a forum to tell our story.
Wish us luck in our future endeavors at Amway Corp.

Long live Java!


Larry, thank you for the blog series, I've enjoyed reading ...

Larry, thank you for the blog series, I've enjoyed reading them the last couple months. Looking forward to future posts from you. Also thank you Kevin, our editor for highlighting this series.

Your very welcome. Glad you enjoyed them.

Your very welcome. Glad you enjoyed them.