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my belief of Java

Posted by fthamura on September 21, 2012 at 2:57 PM PDT

i try to blog my java opinion here, and yes, my indonesian blog in discuss about mental and enterpreneurship in java. I still have the old, you can read about it. and Sorry for my bad english.. if you want to become my review, can contact me directly.

I believe because my blog more high level rather technical detail, i lost my title as Ace Director..hehe :)...

this time i wanna to blog my belief of Java, and direction that will become my decision where Java must go in my mind.

I am a little to policitically belief, a tech that make people depend and life cannot become a company, esp a country that power by a tech cannot depend on a company, because company cannot long life sustain, one day they will become another.. and yes this theory become reality, Sun gone now. but the journey to make Java as ours still long journey, but it has OpenSource.

My another belief also tell me that a solution cannnot depend on a company's solution, because one day, what happen if the company become your biggest competitor. and the platform is not open, and in several case cannot flexible enough for your future solution. You will become dependent to this core, you are dy-ing. That why after spending all my sallary for MCSE in 1997, i drop all yearly work, to Java. and still scary to invest in .NET :) esp for the backbone. That is the reason why friends asking me, please invest here, the market is good. but i said i want something that make me can sleep in the future, no backstubber, no pain ass. I can see Java is a prospectus to become like this, and has been 12 years, nothing happen.. but happened in another side of open world.

We still have a patent troll news around, which a restructure this one to a better one. How can a company without do anything, only hold patent related to click-click, and sue billions to a people that spend his whole life to inventing innovation.

Let's a journey start. now monitoring OpenJDK, wish can do more..but investment for OpenJDK focus on the plan and will part of this.

anyway, Our foundation, Meruvian, also have new blog in , take a look again, sorry for bad english, and reviewer and mentor for good blog in english are welcome. I believe your help will help a lot a unlucky people and have a better future with your help.

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