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FREE Oracle ADF Essential vs Framework Bundle like ZkOSS, and the future of JavaEE 6.

Posted by fthamura on September 29, 2012 at 11:59 PM PDT

Oracle just give free ADF Essential on Glassfish, a streamline edition of ADF. An interesting thing is there are also OEPE (Oracle Eclipse Plugins) that have ADF inside. which the Jdeveloper edition is far more complete and rich.

ADF Essential is free for glassfish deployment, and with support US$ 1250/server (/core??), and you will get the source. CMIIW. I never buy the support, so still waiting to see the source quality. This is the FAQ of ADF Essential.

I like ADF's LOV (List of Value) and Search dialog, this is awesome. a thing that we can find in Oracle Form. please take a look of UX, very Oracle..

I can see this is interesting product, because oracle come to the market with free, which mostly OpenSource. i believe this is the thing in Oracle that oracle cannot call him self #1. Lets see what will going on.

ADF is one of the Rich oriented framework, we can call the phase 2 of MVC Development market, which in 1999-2010 we can call it a MVC framework market, Spring still driving his horse after Rod's book JavaEE with EJB become a momentum of IoC popularity. CMIIW, RoR, Struts2, SpringMVc, Stripes, Appfuse in phase 1.. and yes we have MVC also called Yama.. take a look, we have 3 implementation SpringMVC, Struts2 and JAX-RS. I wish we can add rich component in the future. It is opensource under Apache license.

WE cannot compare ADF with SpringMVC, but with ZkOss (, please also review Vaadin. I wish sencha want to launch a JAX-RS framework with his ExtJS, so the market will become interesting.

ADF come with Oracle Form replacement, since 2007 promote all the Oracle form guy to use it. which his own tech, betting in JSF.. ps.. I like the Taskflow, sad it is not part of JSF.. but anyway, I am not JSF programmer, and my companies here dont have JSF people, we use JSF for education purpose in education entity. and the last discussion related to JSF is PrimeFace.

PrimeFaces in several months ago in our JUG there is discussion, and bad ADF discussion raise in last 2 years in our JUG. a 10 years partner of ADF implementator (just got award) become "anti ADF" in our mailing list..

ZkOSS become a new rich component that raising sun here. Banks implements (Based on the discussion in JUG), Financial institution betting his project to ZkOSs. I met several my friend which invest in ZKoss, but because the education material is not integrated with education, several my Zkoss' base company close down in paralel with ADF's company. But people still learn non structured model, I propose an integrated education stack for ZkOss, and i can help to become part of our JENI (Java Education) program. So, we have alternative framework. weaknes of ZKoss is LPGL, why dont use Apache.. mmmm..

ZkOSS is interesting product, it is rich component based on Spring (SpringMVC also), and i think the game will become more interesting if VMware bought ZKoss. Zkoss live and dead in Spring.

if we see the new JavaEE 6 program to use CDI, replace Spring.

and with new ADF Essential, which the BC4J (a spring like but not CDI). I wish there is CDI based ADF tech. Dunno how Oracle can manage this 2 marketing program.

Why should ADF Eseential, it is not standard? and why should CDI? if all oracle's based on ADF.

Waiting response, because this JavaONE 2012, first time Oracle will come to Glassfish with ADF Essential. years before it is part of OOW, and Fusion. Fusion != Java.. but use Java..