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New EasyCassandra 1.1.0:Work with mult-nodes and sample with Google Guice

Posted by otaviojava on October 3, 2012 at 2:38 AM PDT


    Launched the latest Easy-cassandra version, that come with improvements to manage multi-nodes. Use many node is very usefully in Cassandra because avoid bottlenecks, fault tolerance, elasticity.
    After have multi-nodes in Cassandra, the next step is divide task between their. Secondly join the databases like only one ( reply all information among their, read and write from consistency level, etc.).

    The main strategy that Easy-cassandra use is load balance, in other words, for each requisitions uses different client, there are two ways:
Sequential: Each node receives a crescent number, the order begin in 0 to N-1, in N is instance's number, then all answer of Cassandra (update, create, delete) is used a different client following the crescent order, for example:

  • First request is for Client 0 
  • Second request is for client 1 

     When the number reach to final, this order is come back to client number 0.

    Randomly: It is look like sequential way, give number for each Cassandra's client 0 to N-1, after that for each request is generated a random number.

   For do you these strategy on ORM is extremely simple:

  • First Do create instance's Cassandra 
  • Second Do include nodes in Cassandra 
  • Finally Do create either strategy, inform Keys space's name, if there is not It will create automatically. 

    For show those improvements will used a sample:  The main objective is only retract answer or all user for this question: