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JavaOne 2012 Tuesday: Interesting Interviews, and Scheduling More Interviews

Posted by editor on October 2, 2012 at 11:59 PM PDT

Much of my Tuesday at JavaOne 2012 was spent thinking about questions to ask the people I was going to interview, conducting the interviews, and trying to set up interviews for Wednesday. Late in the afternoon I attended the 2012 Duke's Choice Award Winners JavaOne BOF session, followed by the Duke's Choice Award Winners dinner.

Today I interviewed:

  • Mattias Karlsson, Java Champion, Stockholm JUG leader, and the founder of the Jfokus conference;
  • Judah Johns, from the Java Cloud Computing start-up JElastic (a 2012 Duke's Choice Award winner);
  • Badr Elhouari, founder of the Morocco JUG;
  • Yoav Landman, from JFrog, developer of Artifactory (a 2011 Duke's Choice Award winner); and
  • Fabiane Nardon, Java Champion, co-leader of the Java Tools Community, and founder of the just-launched start-up StoryTroop.

On Wednesday, I hope to interview Martijn Verburg (London Java Community, JCP), Tinu Awopetu and Toni Epple (NetBeans), Konstantin Shvachko (Hadoop), members of the Greenville (South Carolina, US) JUG, and possibly others if I can fit any more interviews in...

All of the interviews will be turned into Editor's blogs in the weeks following JavaOne.

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