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Try to live with less Java

Posted by fthamura on October 12, 2012 at 2:41 PM PDT

Has been 1 year, after the Oracle vs Google saga, and I hear there will be appeal.. I am personally dunno what is appeal mean, i know sex appeal. huahua.. yes, I try to learn another tech and dedicate my time less to Java, touching NodeJS, try-ing Cloud, and yes, spending my time to my old hobbyes far become computer came to my life, fish tropical breeding.

I live in emerging country, which trademark is a new thing, and we only have patent related to physical inventing, no software patent, and in the middle that people fighting software patent implemented in the country.

You can see USPO's software patent troll, that i believe you agree, an idiiot stuff happening in USA. how can people that do nothing can get fee for a thing that he is even dunno what is it? in the name to lock innovation that fast become anyone can create, we have to pay. Hope China and the rest of the world can learn of this.

but, development ecosystem is new thing esp in Asia (the future of the market??), take a look Samsung, did a worst development ecosysstem globally, but lead the smartphone market, and #1 brother right now. Samsung Apps is like manage unseriously. Yes far steps Samsung must do to make them like Apple. In Indonesia Samsung Electronic is not manage smartphone only but also refrigenerator, air conditioner, television, dispenser etc. Strange organization structure. and polytron, a samsung like company also just launch Android smartphone. please visit

Has been almost 10 years dedicate my time to Java, and push to openess, yes I dont like court of Java, and bring Android outside Java ecosystem, both ORacle wrong, and Google also try to steal Java from the ecosystem. Thx god, Google is not smart enough to manage his developer, he make the development under GDG (Google Dev Group), rather dedicated product based community.. Afraid his product grow bigger than GOOG, and cannot control, like ORacle and Java. any opinion? I try to add small Android community, because Android is interesting and saga make JUG cannot become strategic partner for Android, called CodeAndroid Indonesia. please visit, because i only interest with android, i cannot lead GDG, because i dont interest with all the tech that "must" be managed.

Sad thing Google play is not support our country, so we cannot sell software in Google Play, we must think another model of development of our product. that is new challange. vs Nokia Store vs Windows Marketplace both has work , oh yea, RIM also AppWorld exist here.. dunno what GOOG head in mind for this.

Yes, post Google vs Oracle, the world of Java become legal discussion rather innovation discussion, esp patent troll in between. See how Apple sue Samsung, and Microsoft sue Android manufacturing.

anyway, this is the first year, i not see and follow JavaOne, even the keynotes never watch, and no slide clicked to review. busy to breed my own discus fish, yea I have 5 pairs, and next week new Sabwa Rasbora and Congo Tetra will come to my mini farm in my Meruvian.