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JavaOne 2012 Poll Results: Significant Announcements and Attendance

Posted by editor on October 19, 2012 at 2:11 PM PDT

The past three polls were about JavaOne. The last two polls asked if you've ever attended JavaOne and your view on the most significant announcement at this year's JavaOne. Before that, our poll asked people to forecast this year's top announcement. In that poll, a majority of voters thought the most significant announcement would be related to JavaEE or JavaSE / OpenJDK, as I discussed earlier.

So, how do the voters think they did at forecasting the most significant JavaOne 2012 announcement? Pretty well, actually. A total of 520 votes were cast for the just completed poll, with the following results:

The most significant announcement at JavaOne 2012 was related to:

  • 23% (122 votes) - JavaEE
  • 28% (145 votes) - JavaSE / OpenJDK
  • 8% (42 votes) - JavaME / Embedded Java
  • 11% (56 votes) - JavaFX
  • 24% (123 votes) - I don't know
  • 6% (32 votes) - Other

This is remarkably close to what was forecast in the earlier poll. JavaSE / OpenJDK received 28% in both polls; JavaEE slipped from 27% to 23% between the pre- and post-JavaOne polls; JavaFX received 11% in both polls; and JavaME / Embedded Java rose to 8% in the post-JavaOne poll from 6% in the pre-JavaOne poll.

Perhaps somewhat curiously (or, perhaps not), "I don't know" doubled from 12% in the forecast poll, to 24% in the post-JavaOne poll. Once again, these are not scientific polls -- but if we think about this nonetheless, it implies that, going into JavaOne, developers have clearer expectations about what will happen that's most significant at the conference; whereas after the conference, which is a blur of announcements, events, news and stories, it's less easy to ascertain or select a "most significant announcement".

As for the Have you ever attended a JavaOne Conference? poll, 449 people voted. It's not a surprising result that only 20% of the voters have attended a JavaOne in the past. It was nice to see that 21 voters (5%) were attending their first JavaOne in 2012. And, 41% (182 voters) hope to attend a JavaOne some day.

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Our latest article from Manning Publications is Architecture and Star Schema by William D. Back, Nicholas Goodman, and Julian Hyde, authors of Mondrian in Action. Weblogs

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Tori Wieldt's JavaOne Community Keynote Videos:

If you weren't able to attend JavaOne 2012 in San Francisco, one of the high points was the Community Keynote on the last day. It was by the community and for the community. It included a visit from James Gosling, demos, and community members describing what they've been up to. You can watch highlights... or watch the full keynote...

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Steve Meloan's JavaOne 2012 Review: Make the Future Java:

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