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Java in Indonesia Seamless Education Program

Posted by meruvian on November 5, 2012 at 4:24 AM PST

Our Meruvian program (Called jTechnopreneur), now expand to the new highest reach level.

Starting with diploma 6 years ago under JENI ( or, we move to jTechnopreneur in 3 years, and now, in 2012, we expand to middle school (13+) and also add Cloud Computing plus Responsive Web Design.

You can also see our presentation for Meruvian Seamless Education PRogram in Slideshare.

Our experience working with university, polytechnics and vocational highschool move to the more seamless (mean integrated).

The Seamless program basically teach IT from middle school (intra or extra), and we (Meruvian) part of the evaluation to keep the best student in this area esp Programming, to go to best Vocational HighSchool (secondary schools), and bring them to the best polytechnics, and transform him/her to become next technopreneur.

This is our detail information related to middle school material.

We start teach Java and Web, and in the future we will bring Cloud esp PaaS to them.
Take a look our vocational highschool and how they integrate with polytechnis program

We are opening our door to work and collaborate to better work, esp outside Indonesia.

The seamless start from South East Asia Ministery of Education (Seameo), and in polytechnics we have MoE's regulation as reference for distance learning. Yes, this is a work started by