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Posted by editor on November 12, 2012 at 3:38 PM PST

The MSRP (Message Session Relay Protocol) project team has announced the release of Version 1.0.3.FINAL. If you're not familiar with MSRP, it's an open source library that implements the IETF's RFC 4975 (that is, the Message Session Relay Protocol). RFC 4975 defines MSRP as:

a protocol for transmitting a series of related instant messages in the context of a session. Message sessions are treated like any other media stream when set up via a rendezvous or session creation protocol such as the Session Initiation Protocol.

The MSRP project began as a Google Summer of Code project in 2008. It was initiated by members of the Jitsi project. Joao Antunes was the main developer in the 2008-2010 period, while Tom Uijldert currently takes on that role, with support from ContactMakers.

So, what's available in MSRP Release 1.0.3.FINAL? The functionalities include:

  • establishing MSRP sessions
  • sending and receiving instant messages (chat) using MSRP
  • sending and receiving files using MSRP
  • message/cpim wrapping to interface with other chat systems
  • nicknames (draft-ietf-simple-chat)
  • message composition indication (RFC 3994)

See the MSRP Tutorial to find out how to integrate the MSRP Java library into your own programs. Source and documentation are available in the project's site, and build versions are available in the Maven Central Repository.

Congratulations to the MSRP team on this important release! Weblogs

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I am new to Java.Wanted to use MSRP library in our Store and ...

I am new to Java.Wanted to use MSRP library in our Store and Forward server.While compiling I am getting "Abbreviator cannot be resolved to a type /msrp/src/lib/slf4j-1.5.8/slf4j-migrator/src/test/java/org/slf4j/migrator/helper line 29 Java Problem" error .

Can anyone help me please?


First of all my thanks to MSRP team for the new ...

First of all my thanks to MSRP team for the new release.

I have one query related to source code changes in Msrp stack.
I want to make some changes in Msrp Stack code, in order to integrate it with my application, then do I need to publish changed code on

Thanks in advance for sharing your views.