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Trial Greenfoot for Middle School

Posted by meruvian on November 13, 2012 at 6:17 AM PST

We are preparing to teach Greenfoot for middle schools student (end of this year).

We are new in this area, esp we are in last 7 year working with highschool (vocational highschool).. and in last 3 years working for diploma program in polytechnics.

We want to produce better Java programmer/your architect, and start to reach middle school, with age 13+, and also working with our highschool partner for scholarship for the best student that we get.

If you work with smiliar work like we will do, you can contact me to frans at meruvian dot org.

This seamless education program hopefully can create new winner in IT award in the future, to raise our quality of work in the future.

Esp, in the market, our industrial partner now moving to distributed computing and cloud, like hadoop, cluster, grid and ESB become standard, yes.. after MVC.