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The JavaOne 2012 Conversations: Juggy (Silently Supported by Bruno Souza)

Posted by editor on December 8, 2012 at 6:57 PM PST home page manager Dale Farnham and I enjoyed the privilege of interviewing Juggy, the Java Finch, who really, really likes Java User Groups, and is incredibly appreciative of their efforts. Juggy, at this particular interview, was accompanied by Java evangelist and SouJava leader Bruno Souza (@brjavaman). Bruno's normally a pretty talkative guy. Strangely, though, throughout our entire conversation with Juggy, we never heard a peep from Bruno!

At right, you can see a picture I snapped of Juggy (on the right) and Bruno engaged in a Star Trek Vulcan mind meld, in preparation for what Juggy obviously knew was going to be an intense interview. This, perhaps, may explain why only Juggy spoke during our conversation.

Kevin: So, I have three questions. We do very fast interviews on

Juggy: Fast?

Kevin: Very fast. What's great that's happened recently?

Juggy: So, recently, JavaOne happened. I love JavaOne! I can meet a lot of friends.

Kevin: Have you found a lot of friends this time?

Juggy: A lot of friends, and new friends. There are so many people here, and I try to meet all of them. And I like to talk to them.

Kevin: So, what did you tell them, say, about your past year?

Juggy: About my past year? I see that Java and Java User Groups are everywhere, and they like me, and I like them.

Kevin: Cool!

Kevin: Next question: What are you working on right now that's exciting?

Juggy: Right now I'm doing an interview, and it's very exciting!

Kevin: Good point!

Juggy: Yeah!

Kevin: Great! Next question: "some months from now, I hope or plan to do..." what?

Juggy: You hope and plan?

Kevin: No, you hope and plan?

Juggy: Oh, you mean me! Yeah, cool! You know, we birds, we have a really short attention span, so why don't we change it to, say, some seconds from now? But, I'll try... I really want to go to Devoxx.

Kevin: I'd like to go there too!

Juggy: What I'm really looking forward to is the cloud. I like the cloud. I like clouds. Because I can fly to them. And I think Java and the cloud work very well together.

Kevin: Anything else that you find interesting?

Juggy: I find lots of things interesting...

Dale: But, what message would you like to send out to the Java community?

Juggy: Oh! So, the Java community. Look, guys, you really need to care about helping make the future of Java. Right? So, where we are now, we can create the future.

Dale and Kevin: Yes.

Juggy: I like the future I can make right now.

Kevin: Are you helping out with the Adopt-a-JSR project in any way?

Juggy: Yes! Of course!

Kevin: What are you working on?

Juggy: Nothing.

Kevin: How do you help, then?

Juggy: That's helping! If I get seriously involved, that would really make things complicated. I'm a bird, after all. So, I stay away from it. I'm being honest here! But, this Adopt-a-JSR thing, it's very cool. You know, I love what a lot of the Java User Groups are doing: SouJava, and the Houston Java Group, and the London Java Community, and many, many Java User Groups across the world. You know what I like about it?

Kevin: What?

Juggy: Not that it's related to Java User Groups. Not that it's related to Java. But that it's related to Java User Groups working together!

Kevin: Excellent. That's very good!

Juggy: I love that! I love User Groups, and I love when they work together.

Kevin: Great! The interview is over now, OK?

Juggy: Oh, shoot! What did I do wrong? Why's it over? I was having so much fun! There's so much more I want to talk about, about Java User Groups, and Adopt-a-JSR... And what about Java User Groups who are members of the JCP, and even were elected to the JCP Executive Committee? Didn't you forget to ask about that? Why didn't you ask that question? I wanted to talk about that! Oh, and another thing: what about...

Thereafter, Juggy the Java finch just kept chattering away (as birds often do), while Bruno continued to look on mutely (the mind meld apparently had not yet dissipated). But Dale and I had more JavaOne 2012 conversations on our agenda, so we departed. Weblogs

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