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BantuSekolahku - Support MySchool , a System to do reformation and transparency with social

Posted by fthamura on December 13, 2012 at 6:47 PM PST

I am glad our team and me ofcourse, part of the Support mySchool project in WorldBank for Indonesia's Ministery of Education and Culture (MoEC), the URL is

The first social media that linked with all the role in our govermental (from ministery directorate, province's education structure, district's educatio structure and schools structure). The public participant for submit the issues around education is the main reason and strong of the system.

There are 4 categories for categorize the need of support:

The SuMS project also a action for every need, based on the categories and schools target, which all related role that involve with the flow, can do action.

Action Processes

In final there are View Report feature that tell the summary of every role that use SuMS, to get the information, include how many new need, how many need and hyperlink to the need detail.

View Report Concept

The System develop using Struts2/REST-Spring/CDI-Hibernate/JPA, yes we still locked to Hibernate UUID and SpringTX .

The JavaEE container is Glassfish, use MySQL as database, and Hadoop as documentation storage.

The Android client communicate with another system based on JAXRS, we use RestEasy with Spring/CDI-Hibernate/JPA.

both the core of Spring and Hibernate for both Web and REST edition are sharable.