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Java EE 7 Survey Suggests Overall Consensus on Key Innovations

Posted by editor on December 27, 2012 at 3:08 PM PST

The recently completed Java EE 7 community survey indicates that most developers generally agree with the direction current Java EE 7 development is taken. While the survey was not scientific, many of the more than 1,100 participants took the time to submit well-thought-out comments in addition to making selections on the specific questions. These comoments generally back up the consensus that is evident in the actual voting results.

The objective of the survey was to provide the Java EE 7 Expert Group with feedback on important issues where multiple directions are still open. Since Java EE 7 (JSR 342) is still in the Early Draft Review stage, if the community expressed strong disagreement with certain aspects of the current direction, or considered certain options to be of higher priority than others, there would still be time for careful assessment of these issues by the Expert Group, and the possibility of tuning the course of Java EE 7 planning and development as the approach to the final release proceeds.

You can view the actual survey summary (PDF, 9 pages) that was compiled by Reza Rahman and sent to the Expert Group. The summary includes bar graphs that show some the voting results, along with large numbers of thoughtful comments the voters submitted, including both agreement with the consensus as well as concerns or outright disagreement.

Upon reviewing the summarized results, Linda DeMichiel posted a message to the jsr342-experts email list, noting some of the survey highlights:

  • "The community agrees with us on the inclusion of the new JSRs into the full platform and into the Web Profile. We hope that we will be able to include JCache and the Concurrency Utilities JSR as well."
  • "The community strongly supports enabling CDI by default..."
  • "There is agreement that using @Inject wherever possible is a good
    idea, even though we will need to make some exceptions..."
  • "A significant majority of the respondents think that we should expand the use of @Stereotype, even though this hasn't been supported by the CDI EG and thus won't be included in Java EE 7. We plan to revisit this in Java EE 8..."
  • "An overwhelming majority support the expansion of interceptors to all Java EE components..."

For more analysis and conversation about the survey and its results, see Markus Eisele's "Java EE 7 Community Survey Results!" Weblogs

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