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Was born one more community in Brazil

Posted by otaviojava on January 22, 2013 at 1:16 AM PST

   In last week was born the SouJavaLivre in Brazil, its main objective is disseminating and help to envolve the java free and  the OpenJDK in country. For does that there are some sub-projects:

  1.    Support to Adopt OpenJDK : With list in Portuguese also some tutorial in Portuguese to help the people to adopt the JVM's reference, but helping and with integration with international community, so all tutorials and courses will be translated to English.
  2.    OpenJDK in universities: To talk about and teach how to work, architecture, JNI for university students or high school students.
  3.    Show successful case about companies and part of the Government that use OpenJDK and exciting other companies to do the something.
  4.    The Brazilian Government and some companies signed a document to use OpenJDK ( Bank of the Brazil, SERPRO, CEF, Ministry of Science and technology, Ministry of the planning).

Some links about the group: