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Looking ahead to Jfokus 2013 Day One

Posted by editor on February 3, 2013 at 8:05 PM PST assistant editor Dale Farnham and I arrived in Stockholm after an overnight flight, having experienced quite a lot of turbulence before and after our middle-of-the-night stop in Iceland, then opening the shade to see beautiful, incredible colors rising over the plane's wing and the Eastern horizon clouds, followed by the sun itself, then hearing the sounds of early morning chatter and well-rested Icelanders and Swedes waking up on the plane, and finding ourselves surrounded by the odors of coffee and breakfast snacks... Yes, by that time, we knew our overnight trip to Stockholm for Jfokus 2013 meant that we'd lost an entire night of sleep!

Not to worry, though. In our hotel room, we made some green tea, relaxed a bit, then got ready to go out on the town. Well, maybe it was just a short trip on the town, to Gamla Stan, Stockholm's Old City. We saw a bit of the Royal Palace, walked along a few Medieval streets, had Swedish beer and hard cider, a sandwich and soup, then walked back to the hotel. After another relaxation break, we went down to the lobby, said hi (for the second time) to Markus Eisele (@myfear, had another light snack and a cocktail. Then it was bedtime.

I'm still not adjusted to Stockholm time. I slept well for a while, but now I'm wide awake in the very early morning, looking ahead to Jfokus Day One, which focuses on tutorials. There are six in the morning, and six in the afternoon. Not entirely sure yet which ones we'll attend -- but we'll let you know later today in the first of the "session blogs" I intend to publish during and after the conference.

Now, it's time for another of those naps (dawn is still a ways away, here!)...

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-- Kevin Farnham (@kevin_farnham)