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Tuesday at Jfokus 2013: Intro, a New Java Champion, Jfokus Embedded Launch, Keynotes, Technical Sessions, Buffet, and BOFs

Posted by editor on February 5, 2013 at 4:02 PM PST

Tuesday at Jfokus 2013 started in a large auditorium filled with more than 1500 Jfokus attendees, who heard Jfokus founder Mattias Karlsson launch the conference in an introduction that included an appearance by Stephen Chin, who had spent the previous night sailing the icy Baltic Ocean on the Vaadin Cruise from Finland. The conversation also introduced a new Java Champion, JRuby's Charles Nutter!

After the intro, there were keynote addresses. Actually, getting more than 1500 developers seated in the large auditorium took so long that by the time the conference introduction session concluded, the keynote session for the first Jfokus Embedded track was well underway. I will write details of this and all the sessions I attended in the coming weeks. For now, I'll briefly summarize what I attended and saw today.

The portion of the Jfokus Embedded 2013 keynote I attended featured Henrik St