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Bill Venners is president of Artima Software, Inc. and editor-in-chief of He is author of the book, Inside the Java Virtual Machine, a programmer-oriented survey of the Java platform's architecture and internals. His popular columns in JavaWorld magazine covered Java internals, object-oriented design, and Jini. Bill has been active in the Jini Community since its inception. He led the Jini Community's ServiceUI project, whose ServiceUI API became the de facto standard way to associate user interfaces to Jini services. Bill also serves as an elected member of the Jini Community's initial Technical Oversight Committee (TOC), and in this role helped to define the governance process for the community.

Annette Vernon is a 21 year veteran of Sun Microsystems, who is currently managing the content selection process for the JavaOne Conference.

Juliano is a software architect based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He has over 10 years of Java experience, having worked with Java since the 1.02 days.

Currently he is founder and  CTO of Logicstyle , a software consultancy company.

When he is not busy coding he can probably be found playing with his daughter Alice.

John Vieten has worked on the Java platform for 10 years. He is a practioner and has been steadily working in Building, Telecommunications and Banking industries on a wide range of distributed computing projects.
He lives and works in Germany and enjoys traveling around the World.

Mike Vilot is a classically trained software engineer with over two decades of experience in commercial software development. He has been using Enterprise Java since 1998, when he earned a patent through clever use of RMI and network class loading to develop a novel approach to distributed system monitoring and management. As a long-time netizen, he particularly values Java's support (in the form of various APIs and libraries) for Internet standards. As a recovering ANSI/ISO standards committee member, he understands both the advantages and disadvantages of the standards bureaucracy. He firmly believes that individual talent trumps process and "methodology" in software development teams. He's going to be an enlightened, "hands-on," CTO when he grows up.

Scott Violet has been in the Java client group at Sun for over eight years. He started out at Sun in the OpenStep group (what is now Cocoa), and then joined the Java Software group working on
Swing. He has helped with Java Web Start, NetBeans, and Glow. Today he is the architect for Swing and has been working on the project since long before the 1.0 release.

Krishan Viswanath is currently working for JP
Morgan Chase & Co. in Kansas City, MO. He has over 10 years of experience in IT area.

Software Engineer and Developer
Java User Group am Bodensee
NetBeans Dream Team Member and Contributor

David Walend started learning Java with the alpha 3 release in 1994 after a kind computer science professor at Tufts University overheard his tantrum on distributed simulations, memory management, multithreaded code and meteorologists of questionable parentage. His active open source projects include JDigraph, SomnifugiJMS, and SalutafugiJMS. David is working on high-performance parallel and distributed computing at MathWorks.

Kathy Walrath has worked on the Java platform for 11 years, most of that time as a writer on projects such as The Java Tutorial. She's currently a Swing engineer and the editor of's JavaDesktop community.

Kathy Walsh is a staff engineer in the Web Standards and Technology group at Sun Microsystems. She is a software developer on the JAX-WS and the JAXRPC 1.1 implementation team.
Previously at Sun Microsystems she was Technical lead for the JAXR 1.0 development team.
She has a variety of software development experience with web services, databases, networking,
network management and Corba technologies.

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Tony (aka Frosty) is now an engineering program manager, but past stints include web designer, art director, LAN manager, InfoSys director, CAD operator and a cook.

Tom White is a committer on the Apache Hadoop project, and a member of the Lucene Project Management Committee. He works as an independent consultant specializing in Hadoop and distributed computing. He has been writing Java full time since 1996, and writing about Java since 2003 for O'Reilly, and IBM's developerWorks. Outside programming Tom enjoys making his daughters laugh, and watching 1930s Hollywood films.

Glen Wilcox is a Principal Engineer with Raytheon in Colorado. He has been developing software in various industries for over 15 years and has been working with J2EE since 2000. He has served as a Technical Editor for BEA Weblogic Bible and a reviewer for Java Security Solutions and Bitter EJB. His current interests are J2EE technologies, Web Services, and software architecture. When he isn't logged on, you can find him skiing or hiking in Colorado's mountains. He is currently completing training for his first marathon (Tucson Marathon, December 2003).

I'm a software developer with 10+ years of professional experience. Tags: Enterpreneur, Software Developer, Agilist, Writer. More information at

Alan Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Java Developer's Journal. He
is also
the core architect behind BlueDragon a J2EE CFML engine.

Brendon J. Wilson is a recovering software engineer fighting the forces
of darkness as a product manager for PGP
Corporation in Mountain View, California. He's been using Java since
1.0, creating one of the first fully-fledged applications of Java3D for
his award-w
inning undergraduate thesis: a 3D
robot manipulator simulator. After slinging code for a number of
software companies (IBM, HushMail, Infowave) and publishing his first
book, JXTA,
Brendon saw the light and MBA student at the Sauder School of Business. He has
since recuperated from the experience and is back to exploring the
social applications of distributed software technologies. He can be
contacted through his web site at

M. Jeff Wilson has been developing software since 1980, when a college
roommate let him learn BASIC on an Apple IIe. He has worked as a
developer for insurance companies, the US Government, IBM, a commercial
CASE tool company, a warehousing inventory software and hardware
startup, banking, and traffic engineering companies. He is currently an
architect and developer on network management systems for a large
telecommunications company.

Rory Winston is an independent consultant working in the financial sector in London. He has a Masters in Applied Computing from the National University of Ireland Galway, and is currently studying a Masters in Finance at London Business School.

Alex Winston is a Senior Software Engineer with ComFrame Software
Corporation located in Nashville, TN. He focuses on emerging open
source technologies and design patterns and is activaly involved in
the Middle Tennessee Java Users Group. He regularly participates in
discussion and design of various technologies within the java
community and evangalizes the choice that java provides

Experimental physicist in my former life, Swing-addict and -critic since its birth, early adopter in my scientific data-analysis/ visualization projects, self-proclaimed ruler of offering services as pathfinder around desktop stumbling blocks, I'm currently back in the labs, consulting in the role of senior developer-architect in the open source SwingLabs/SwingX project.

Jim is the Co-Community Leader for's Robotics Community and Community Manager for FIRST Forge, part of the US FIRST Robotics Competition.

Chien Yang is a Java 3D engineer, and a project owner of Java 3D project, in the Java Client Group at Sun Microsystems. He works on the design and implementation of Java 3D API since its inception. He has also done some work on graphics features simulation, and graphics pipeline software.

Tang Yong(@GlassFishTang) leads the Nanjing JUG (China), and works with GlassFish, OSGi, and Java EE.
Currently, I am a committer of GlassFish OSGi&OSGi-JavaEE modules.

Research Fields
1 Java EE Application Server
2 Open Source Research and Contribution(GlassFish Committer in 2013, Apache JClouds, Apache Aries)
3 OSGi(OSGi Alliance Supporter in 2012)

Lance B. Young has been developing enterprise software for over fifteen years. He has been using Java for the past five years at ASIX, Inc. ASIX builds property tax management systems for county governments within North America. Lance's focus has been on attempting to build the perfect Object Oriented business application development framework with a rich Java client, a flexible Java middle layer, and an isolated database back end. He has worked with Swing, EJB, JMS, RMI, JDBC, Jini, and related Java technologies. ASIX has recently released their UI framework, on, as open source with an Apache-style license.

Xuan Yun is a Senior Technologist who takes part in many products' architecture in EaSynth. He loves Java Swing and he is a member of the EaSynth Look And Feel development team, and is also the leader of EaSynth Freeware Community. Now he is focusing on the solution to ease the delivery of Java Desktop Application.

Omer Yurduseven is a student at Department of Computer Engineering, Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. He has been working with Java for about 3 years. He is interested in Java, Oracle, XML and the technologies related with these, but especially Java EE technologies including JDBC, Servlet/JSP, Struts, JAX-WS, JAXB. He will be sharing his experiences here with you.

Hamda Zahera is a Staff Member at Menoufiya University-EGYPT, He is very interested in Open source technologies and Java.Hamada is a co-founder of MUFIX Community at Menoufiya University and Founder of MUFIX-JUG and OSUM Group ,also He is an IEEE member.
Now, Hamada is working in spread the word of Open source in EGYPT since he is a Fedora Ambassador , MUFIX-JUG Leader and OSUM Leader for Menoufiya university

Maxim Zakharenkov leads a small team developing Swing applications
with remote backend. The applications combine both client
and server side giving a great opportunity to work with multiple
client and server technologies. He believes that the best way
to program remote desktop applications is to use Java both
on client and server side instead of bunch of different technologies
like HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, XML, JSP etc. Maxim hopes
that people will finally stop fighting with Web browsers and related
stuff and return back to old and simple Java applets or similar
newer things.

Maciej Zawadzki is the President of Urbancode, Inc., a firm of software experts that offer developer training and mentoring, as well as custom development services. Mr. Zawadzki is the original author of the open source Anthill Build Management Server and Urbancode's EJB Benchmark.
Maciej entered the software industry in 1992 with the development of Neural Network simulators for time series forecasting. Since 1996 Maciej has been working primarily in Java.

Ji-Chao George Zhang is an engineer in the Java SE Deployment team at Sun Microsystems. George currently works on the JDIC project as a project owner. Before that, George was in the Client Systems Group at Sun. Prior to joining Sun, George was a graduate student focusing on the research of high performance computing in Tsinghua University, China.

Jiangli Zhou joined Sun Microsystems in 1999. She has been in the J2ME CDC VM (CVM) team since 2000. Over the years, she has worked on various areas in the VM, including ROMizer, classloader, JIT compiler, etc. Her latest interest is supporting Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) on CDC.

Greg Ziebold learned to program BASIC on the TI-99/4A. He has since upgraded. He is currently a staff engineer for Sun Microsystems working on the OpenPortal project. Greg has been developing enterprise web applications for over a decade, with an emphasis on portals. He's currently working on portlet development, dynamic content using AJAX (including jMaki), and contributing to JSR-286 for portlets.

Wolfgang Zitzelsberger began programming with the Assembler language at a University in Germany, doing Java programming only since 2000. Currently he works as senior developer with a focus on Swing especially Look & Feels and components. As author of Synthetica (Look and Feel) and SyntheticaAddons, he is continually trying to adopt latest technologies for these projects. Further interests are web technologies and graphics art.