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Michael Champion is a research and development specialist at Software
AG, working out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. He graduated from the University of
Michigan and did graduate study specializing in data analysis and computer
simulation of international conflict. He has been a software developer in
the USA for 20 years, working primarily in the area of middleware for
client-server document and image management systems. He has been active in
the World Wide Consortium's Document Object Model (DOM) Working Group for
more than three years and was an editor of the core XML portion of the DOM
Level 1 Recommendation. He is now co-chair of the Web Services Architecture
Working Group. Champion joined Software AG in early 1999 and now works in
the Technology Enablement group, focusing on technical business development
activities, writing articles on XML technology, and building example
integrations between XML applications and Software AG's database and
enterprise integration products. He serves as co-chair of the W3C Web
Services Architecture working group and continues to be active in the W3C
DOM working group as well as the W3C XML Protocols working group.

Casey Chan is a technology evangelist at Sun Microsystems. She presents on J2EE and Web Services at developer conferences around the world.

Allen Chan is the Director of Technology and Chief Architect of Wysdom Inc (, a software company specializing in creating Java-based carrier-grade solutions for Mobile Operators.  He is passionate about software, and believes that successful solutions cannot exist on technology alone, but must work together with the economic and social aspects of the users.  In his spare time (if there are any!), he builds furniture, bakes cake, writes articles and helps non-profit organizations ( to expand their services.

currently specification lead for Servlet 3.1 and implementation lead on web container in GlassFish. Previously he was an expert group member on JASPIC and worked on reference implementations of JACC, JASPIC, JSR 250 and Servlet 3.0.

Bongjae Chang works at Kakao, which has the best-known message service in South Korea. He has previously worked on the Java EE Web Application Server JEUS at Tmaxsoft, and he's participated in JSRs 316, 342, and 107. He is also a contributor to several Glassfish's sub-projects such as Grizzly and Shoal.

Bruce Chapman has been developing in Java since 1998, predominantly building telecommunication systems. He has a degree in mechanical engineering from so long ago that it is almost irrelevant, and lives in New Zealand. Bruce was a member of the JSR269 (annotation processing) expert group, and currently serves on JSR334 (Coin language changes) expert group. His interest is primarily in the SE space but has also worked on ME and EE projects.

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Dr. Doris Chen, a staff engineer and Java Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems with over 10 years industry experience, her expertise includes Web 2.0/Ajax, JavaServer Faces, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) technologies, web services/SOA, Java FX, Java ME platform wireless programming, Java technology performance tuning, grid computing, and web-based distributed computing. She speaks at major industry international conferences: JavaOne, Sun Network Conference, Software Development, etc. Doris received her Ph.D. from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in computer engineering, specializing in medical informatics. Before coming to Sun, Doris developed medical image compression applications and web-based network management products.

Armin Chen is an engineer in the Java SE Deployment team at Sun Microsystems. Armin currently works on the JDIC project as a project owner. Before that, Armin was in the Client Systems Group at Sun. Prior to joining Sun, Armin was a graduate student in School of Software, Tsinghua University, China.

Ricardo Liyushiro Chikasawa represents the Sun MicroSytems Campus Ambassador in Presidente Prudente, university study in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is also a representative of JUG - Javanoroeste in Presidente Prudente. He also participates in project Digital TV.

Roberto Chinnici is a senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystems, Inc.
where he works on the JavaTM Platform, Enterprise Edition, with
particular focus on Web Services and Ease of Development. He is the
specification lead for the JAX-RPC 1.1 and JAX-WS 2.0 technologies
and an active participant in W3C and WS-I working groups.

Ben Christen is the Advanced Projects Tech Lead for Walt Disney Parks
and Resorts Online. He has been using Java since 2000 and after 6 years
still can't believe that spending the day at a theme park is a
legitimate part of his job.

Mandy Chung is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle. She is working on core libraries of the Java Platform and the Jigsaw project. Previously she worked on Java SE monitoring and management and other serviceability technologies including leading the design and the implementation of the API, out-of-the-box manageability, and also the JConsole monitoring tool. Prior to joining Sun, she was the lead engineer working in the linker and dynamic loader project in Hewlett Packard.

Mike Clark is an independent consultant based in Denver, CO. He is co-author of
Bitter EJB and editor of the
JUnit FAQ. He has created several open source tools including
JUnitPerf for continuous performance testing. Two years ago he discovered the joy and power of test-driven development, and he hasn't written code the same way since.

Mike frequently writes and speaks on his experiences in the trenches helping teams build better software faster. He chronicles his "Aha!" moments on his own weblog, as president of Clarkware Consulting. He's been crafting software professionally since 1992, immersed in Java since 1997.

Curtis is a software engineer at RADSoft where he specializes in XP coaching and consulting. He has developed applications in Java for the last five years and jumped on the XP bandwagon the day after reading XP Explained in May of 2000. He believes in emergent design and has experienced how attention to duplication and disciplined refactoring can result in simple and concise code that is easy and a pleasure to maintain.

Danese Cooper, prominent and forthright Open Source advocate has for many years been in vocal support of compatible Open Source Java. During her six years at Sun, she was involved in creation, licensing and implementation of,,, and drafting of the CDDL license for OpenSolaris. She was also one of the original architects of both the infrastructure and In March 2005 Danese left Sun for Intel, where she works as Sr. Director of Open Source Strategy for Channel Software Operations and is helping to build an Open Source Programs Office.

Erb Cooper has been programming for nearly 30 years, 17 of those professionally.
He studied at New York University and Columbia University.
He adopted Java early in its life (early 1996) and has been doing nothing else ever since,
though he has recently discovered the joys of Python. Many years ago he co-authored 2 books with
Henry Mullish, one of them a C textbook and the other a book of games for the Commodore 64.
He is currently active in the Intellij IDEA developer community
( , and works at Liquidnet (

is a place where we can feature technology based poetry.

Writing software has been Anthony's hobby since age 12 and career for the past 16 years. To him, getting paid to program is like being a professional athlete. You get paid to do what you've always done for fun. He is new to Java and will be blogging his journey to enlightenment. Other hobbies include running, racquetball, reading, college football, and sitting on his porch in the woods.

John Crupi is a Distinguished Engineer and the Chief Java Architect of the
Sun Software Services group. He has over 17 years of experience in distributed
object computing and remains focused on creating reusable, scalable J2EE
architectures and bringing patterns to the next level.

Fabiano Cruz has been working with the Java platform since 1999. He is currently working as Software Architect at BenQ Mobile, Research and Development department, dealing with embedded (java and native), desktop and enterprise systems development, architecture, design and coach. He founded two important Java User Groups - Manaus JUG (Amazon state) and Petropolis JUG (Rio de Janeiro state) in Brazil - and he is constantly speaking in Java community meetings and conferences in Brazil, such as JustJava (one of the largest tech conferences in Brazil), One Day Java 2001/2002/2003/2004/2005, SERPRO Symposium of Java Technology, JBoss in Rio, Maratona 4 Java, and Java in Rio. He talked about JSR 246 - Device Manage API ("BOF-7831 Device Management for Mobile Applications") at this year's JavaOne.

Jim Cushing began his Java career in 1997 while working at a small Gainesville, FL company and attending the University of Florida. Since then, he roosts a short trip north in Atlanta, Georgia developing J2EE-based applications for a Fortune 100 company. Outside of software development, his passions include photography, Gator football, and running. He remains a fan of Java, but a critic of Sun.

Grzegorz (Greg) Czajkowski is a senior staff enginner at Sun Microsystems Laboratories. He is interested in programming languages, operating systems, and middleware. In the Barcelona project he has been working on improving the scalability of the Java platform as well as on driving its evolution towards a complete operating enviromnent.Grzegorz is the specification lead for the The Application Isolation API .

Dominic Da Silva is the President of SilvaSoft, Inc., a Professional Software Development Solutions and IT Consulting Services company. He specializes in Web, Web Services and Enterprise application development utilizing Java, J2EE/EE and Open Source technologies. He has developed numerous applications with Struts, Spring, Seam, JSF and other Open Source Java frameworks. He is also enjoys working in the Ruby/JRuby/Rails world and has written articles for Amazon Web Services and on the subjects. Born on the beautiful caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, he now makes his home in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Aditya Dada has been with sun since 2001. He currently works with the Software Quality Engineering Group on Glassfish ensuring quality for Deployment and Application Client Container. He is also one of the architects for automation frameworks used by various teams working on Sun Java Systems Application Server. Along with making test applications, he works on discovering use of new tools, and improving automation. He has a Master in Engineering Degree in Computer Science from Cornell University.

Nigel Daley is a software quality engineer at Yahoo!. He specializes in quality engineering for large-scale Java-based distributed systems and related technologies. Prior to working at Yahoo!, he was the lead quality engineer for Java RMI and Jini Network Technology at Sun Microsystems.

Sam Dalton is a Technical Architect who has worked with Java and related Technologies in London, UK for a number of years, and has co-authored two Wrox Press titles, Professional Java Servlets 2.3 , and Professional SCWCD Certification, as well as Professional JSP 2.0 from Apress.

Sanjay Dasgupta has been using Java since 1996 (after many years with many other languages). He works as an independent consultant, and lives in Kolkata, India.

James Duncan Davidson is a freelance author, software developer, and consultant focusing on Mac OS X, Java, XML, and Open Source technologies. He created Apache Tomcat and Apache Ant and was instrumental in their donation to the Apache Software Foundation by Sun Microsystems. While at Sun he lead the expert groups for two versions of the Java Servlet API and served as one of the architects of the J2EE platform. He is the author of Learning Cocoa with Objective-C, co-author of Cocoa in a Nutshell, and a contributor to Mac OS X Hacks (all published by O'Reilly and Associates) and publisher of his own website, x180, where he keeps his popular weblog.

Mark Davidson is a Senior Software Engineer and Architect at a global software company in Silicon Valley. He has worked with Java Client technologies since he joined Sun Microsystems in 1997 and continues to use and leverage Java technologies. His interests include Java client technologies, software quality processes, automation and tools. When not developing software, Mark enjoys mountain biking in the Santa Cruz mountains and snowboarding at Lake Tahoe with his wife and daughter.

Malcolm G. Davis has been developing commercial software
since 1992. He participates in the local software community
as a regular speaker at JUG and IEEE computing. When he is
not preaching the virtues of Java, he spends his time
playing with his kids.

Bill Day is Director of Developer Products at DigitalReasoning Systems, Inc. where he helps drive adoption of their innovative approach to finding meaning inherent in human language. His focus is on the Digital Reasoning Platform and enabling developers to succeed with Digital Reasoning technologies. Bill is also a contributor to Wired's blog and Founder & Technical Guru of Day Web Development.

Julian de Anquin, from Cordoba Argentina, has been programming Java for the past 5 years and teaching java/J2EE in Latin America as an oracle Instructor for an argentinian Oracle business Partner. For the past 2.5 years he has led several J2EE projects (doing development, mentoring and consulting) in Argentina and in Latin America. In December 2006 he created now runs his own business to develop and do J2EE consulting, and is in charge of the development and educational area.

Since joining Sun in 1990, Pierre has been involved in a variety of projects that include grid computing, CORBA technologies, and server-side Java. He is currently a member of the web layer team within the J2EE engineering group and is a co-spec lead for both the JSP and JSTL specifications.

Daniele Dellafiore is a Junior Developer whose involved in developing
Java software since long time and has begun a professional career in
industry just recently cause "University deserves much time". His main
area of interest are Open Source, Agile development and desktop
applications. Actually involved in some project for Sourcesense,
mainly on the server side, he tries to focus on simple and funny
solutions and avoid big shack which software world is full. Also a
member of JUG and XP-UG in Milan, Italy.

Dru Devore is a Integration Architect at Collabera in Charlotte, NC. He has been working with Java for over 15 years and has experience in front end, stand alone applications, web applications, enterprise J2EE applications, enterprise integration, and web services. He was at the Sun Java Center for over 3 years working with large enterprise systems. He has contributed to the Netbeans community and has presented at the JavaOne conference.

Hariharasudhan Dhakshinamoorthy is an Architect working for UST Global. Before joining UST Global he was with Sonoa Systems, a SOA appliance company. And prior to Sonoa Systems he was with Infravio (a/k/a) Webmethods (a/k/a) SoftwareAG, a SOA Intermediatory and Registry product company. His areas of interest include SOA , Web2.0 technologies. When not at work he is interested in bikes, books, fishing.

Cos DiFazio Jr. is a Senior Software Architect for Nortel Networks and an
Assistant Professor at Piedmont Virginia Community College.