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Chris DiBona is the cofounder of both Konstrux Technologies, which implements gforge for companies, and its sister company, Damage Studios. He also co-edited the O'Reilly book Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Software Revolution and was an editor at for some time, where he also ran the polls and can be found on TechTV where he does Linux segments for The ScreenSavers.

Frank Ding is interested in java and various open source projects that inspire people. He is currently working on OpenJDK.

Jeff Dinkins has been working on the Swing GUI Tookit since it's start
in 1996, and is currently the engineering manager of the Swing & AWT teams at Sun.

Sebastien Dionne graduated from university in Software Engineering. He started his career making rich client applications for telecommunications companies using Swing. Now he is focussing on J2EE applications in banking companies. His job is mainly to provide real-time applications web based and gateways for the stock market.

Charles has been with Sun Microsystems since 1989. He currently resides in Seattle. He has focused on Java since it was announced. You can find his Java User Group "link farm" at and his other blog at

Andrei has worked on different parts of AWT for about three years. He specializes in events and layouts. He is a part-time Java teacher at Saint-Petersburg State University. He likes to read, play soccer and volleyball and burn calories while in-line skating.

Darlan A. dos Santos has been working with the java technologies since 2000. He has a wide experience in open source Java technologies. He has worked on many large-scale J2EE projects for government and company. He is currently working as software architect in Northeast Bank in fortaleza - CE Brazil, but have also worked in São Paulo, Brasília, Campina Grande and João Pessoa. He is SCJP, SCWCD, SCDJWS, SCBCD and SCEA.

Jim Driscoll has been at Sun for over 13 years, ever since he joined JavaSoft to work on the Java Web Server and the first version of Servlets. At various times, he has been the manager of the J2EE RI, the Java Web Services Developer Pack, and a host of Open Source, web and XML projects that Sun has either participated in or led. His current job title is Senior Engineer, on the JavaServer Faces team, and he has been specializing in Ajax. He lives and works in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay area.

Bill Dudney is an architect with Object Systems Group. He has been doing distributed computing for 14 years starting way back at NASA building software to manage the mass properties of the Space Shuttle. Bill started doing Java in late 1996 after years of building software on the NeXT. Currently Bill is working on a Use Case management tool that will change the world (at least he hopes so). In his spare time he has written three books, J2EE AntiPatterns, Jakarta Pitfalls and Mastering JavaServer Faces. Bill is traveling on the No Fluff Just Stuff symposium tour, you can catch him in a city near you.

Mike Duigou is an active developer on Project JXTA. he has been using his handle 'Bondolo' since he first joined the net community in 1984. Mike once founded an e-commerce software start-up with two friends long before it was fashionable. He now works for Sun Microsystems, Inc. and finds himself surprised, but thrilled, to be paid for working on open source software.

Mike's first open source contributions were to the Citadel BBS software in 1987 and he has contributed other work regularly on a variety of projects. In addition to working on many parts of the JXTA J2SE implementation Mike is the editor of the JXTA Protocol Specification effort.

Robert Eckstein has worked with Java since its first release. In a previous life, he has been an editor for O'Reilly Media, Inc. and a programmer for Motorola's cellular technology division. He has written or edited a number of books, including Java Swing, Java Enterprise Best Practices, Using Samba, XML Pocket Reference, and Webmaster in a Nutshell. In his spare time he has been known to tinker with filmmaking and digital photography, as well as collecting vintage video game consoles. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Michelle, his daughter Lauren, and their talking dog Ginger.

This is the Editor's Blog

Scott has been writing simulation, modeling, and testing code for almost two decades. Java/Swing and ObjectiveC/Cocoa have been passions for the last five years; prior to that, he helped author a top flight Windows/C++ econometric package. He has degrees from Harvey Mudd College, Claremont Graduate University, and UC Berkeley in simulation. In his free time, he protects his N-scale model railroad to be from his Bengal cat. See for pictures.

Martin Englund is a security geek in the Java Network and Security group at Sun
Microsystems. He splits his time between investigating Java vulnerability
reports and doing proactive security work.

David Epstein is a designer of Java educational software and materials. David teaches high school teachers how to teach Java, and has taught Java at various levels, from high school to CS1 at Caltech to adult education. He is the facilitator of the JJ Dream Team, designers of the JJ2 Java IDE which runs on a JavaStick USB. David loves Java and teaching Java as a first programming language. His latest creation is "The jjPod Project", an open source, gender-neutral API enabling novice Java programmers to write and distribute interesting and useful applications that interact with iPods, MP3 players and cell phones.

Collin Fagan is a Sr. Software Engineer at NAVTEQ working on next generation map building software. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Collin has worked in the Map, Medical, Produce Warehousing and Telecommunications industries on a wide assortment of projects ranging from customized Linux thin clients to highly concurrent telecommunications control systems.

Jayson is a long time Java developer who is currently a member of the
JSP 2.0 expert group, and he has been developing with JavaServer Pages
and Servlets since the technologies were initially released. Jayson is
currently the CTO of Amberjack Software LLC and the web master of both
JSP Insider,, and the book support site for
Servlets and JSP; the J2EE Web Tier, He
strives to provide good, free information about the J2EE web tier and he
is a proponent of Linux/Java based web applications.

Kevin is the managing editor. Kevin is also the owner of Lyra Technical Systems, Inc, a small consulting and publishing company, through which he works on software engineering projects involving mathematical modeling and simulation, and scientific data analysis. Kevin has worked for many years in a Data Center that utilizes high-end Sun hardware and an Oracle database.

Larry Fernandez is a Principle Software Developer at Amway Corp in Ada, Michigan. He has been in IT software development since 1981, and was named an IBM Champion in 2012 and 2013. Larry's team is currently working on its second major Java\J2EE application using WebSphere Application Server technology.

Randahl Fink Isaksen is an innovative software architect and experienced Java expert focusing mainly on rich client development and Java EE. He has worked as an independent consultant in Denmark since 1999 for companies like LEGO, IBM, Jyske Bank, and TDC. Randahl is the owner of ROCK IT based in Vejle, South Denmark.

Rémi Forax is Maitre de Conférence at University of Marne-la-Vallée since 2003
where he obtained his PhD on multi-method in Java.
He has been using Java for many years and enjoys himself hacking the JDK.

Amy Fowler is a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems, and is one of the founding members of the Java Swing GUI Toolkit.

Eric Freeman is enjoying taking all the pixie dust from his four years as a Disney executive and applying it to his passion, computer science. He recently co-authored Head First Design Patterns for O'Reilly (and never had so much fun). He previously co-authored JavaSpaces: Principles Patterns and Practice. Before Disney, Eric worked closely with his mentor, David Gelernter, on technology and startups. Eric holds a Ph.D. from Yale University in Computer Science and has been honored by an MIT TR100 award, as a top technology innovator.

Elisabeth Freeman is an author, teacher and Java software developer. She has just completed Head First Design Patterns for O'Reilly, with Eric Freeman, Kathy Sierra, and Bert Bates. Prior to writing for O'Reilly, Elisabeth spent 4 years with the Walt Disney Internet Group, where she focused on Research and Development and Digital Rights Management.

Stephen Friedrich is a senior software engineer at Fortis IT-Services.
He lives in the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany, with his wife and
five cats. Stephen worked his way from financial services' mainframe
environment through distributed C++ in the telco business and has found
his happy home in the Java community about six years ago. He developed
special interests in both Java desktop technology and database connectivity
while working on a number of commercial Java applications.
When not busy coding he is found dancing and teaching Lindy Hop.

Markus Fuchs is an engineer at Sun Mircosystems, working in Java EE application server development engineering group. He has a long time Java experience and is working in the area of persistence, mapping Java objects to databases. He focuses on the persistence runtime, where he's contributing to TopLink-Essentials, the Java Persistence API (JPA) implementation in GlassFish.

Richard P. Gabriel received a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University in 1981, and an MFA in Poetry from Warren Wilson College in 1998. He is chief scientist of a small laboratory at Sun Microsystems, President of the Hillside Group, and the CEO of Dream Songs, Inc.

John Gage is the chief researcher and vice president of the Science Office, for Sun Microsystems, Inc. He is responsible for Sun's relationships with world scientific and technical organizations, for international public policy and governmental relations in the areas of scientific and technical policy, and for alliances with the world's leading research institutions.

Ben Galbraith is a frequent technical speaker, occasional consultant, and author of several Java-related books. He is a co-founder of, an experienced Chief Technical Officer and Enterprise Java Architect, and is presently a consultant specializing in enterprise architecture and Swing/Ajax development. Ben wrote his first computer program when he was six years old, started his first business at ten, and entered the IT workforce just after turning twelve. For the past few years, he's been professionally coding in Java. In 2005, Ben delivered over a hundred technical presentations at venues including JavaOne, JavaPolis, and the No Fluff Just Stuff Java Symposiums.

Leonardo Galvao is Editor-in-Chief of Java Magazine, the first Java-specialized publication in Latin America. Since 1997, he has worked as developer, IT manager and process engineer in large Brazilian software houses (e.g. C.E.S.A.R and Qualiti Software Processes), defining processes, creating tools, and training and evangelizing development teams. Galvao authors a column magazine about the Brazilian Java community, and through this and other initiatives, has supported the creation of new JUGs and helped many others to grow and achieve countrywide visibility.

Ray Gans is a senior program manager at Sun Microsystems who has been working on Java Compatibility programs since 1997. Most recently, Ray has been managing the Peabody project for the J2SE organization, an initiative to improve the collaboration between Sun's JDK engineering team and the developer community. See the JDK Community on for more information.

Jody Garnett has been working with Java since rocks began to cool, and now that
they have we can hack them with Java. GIS represents one of the last great
frontiers (along with BI) where the data volume lets everyone work on real
computer science. This blog will cover the Open Source Java GIS community, and more then enough hard core design to keep you amused.

Felipe Gaúcho works as senior software engineer at Netcetera AG in Switzerland. He is a well known Brazilian JUG leader and open-source evangelist. Felipe works with Java since its early versions and has plans to keep that Java tradition as it is. When he is not coding, he prefers to listen reggae and travel around with his lovely
wife Alena and his son Rodrigo.

Alessandro is an IT professional and a technology enthusiast. He has been developing enterprise web applications for over a decade. He started his career programming on the LAMP stack, then he moved on to java EE, specialising in the Enterprise Edition technology spectrum. He is an Oracle Certified Master Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect and a GlassFish Documentation Contributor. He lives in Rome, Italy.

Bino George is an engineer on the Swing team in the Java desktop client group at Sun Microsystems. Bino currently works on the JDNC project and contributed the Tray API to the JDIC project. Previously Bino was the Tech-lead of the AWT team at Sun and re-wrote the X11 implementation of AWT. Prior to joining Sun, Bino worked in the JVM group in Hewlett Packard.

Giju George works as a Software Engineer in Sydney, Australia. He has been working in Java and related technologies for the past 8 years. His areas of interest are Java EE, SOA, web services, and java security. He has a Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He is a Sun certified Java programmer, Sun certified web component developer, Sun certified business component developer, and Sun certified enterprise architect.