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Bruno Ghisi is a Java enthusiast interested in web, mobile and open source. He is a Mobile & Embedded Community Star and Java Champion. He helps a JUG called GUJavaSC and maintains some open source projects, such as Marge (Mobile Application Video Contest 2007) and mOOo (OpenOffice Innovation Program Awards 2008). He holds a SCJA, SCJP, SCMAD, SCSNI and IBM Software Quality. He holds a MSc in Computer Science from Federal University of Santa Catarina. Currently, he is co-founder of Resultados Digitais (, a company that develops an inbound marketing product in Brazil. Also blogging about Ruby/Rails at Follow @brunogh.

Fabrizio Gianneschi is a long time Java enthusiast who leads the JUG Sardegna (Italy), which won a Duke's Choice Award in 2006. He's one of the JUGs Community Leaders and a member of the Java Champions. In his daily job, after many years of experience in the software development industry, Fabrizio now works as a technical officer of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, designing, controlling and monitoring big e-government projects.

Fabrizio Giudici is a Senior Java Architect with a long Java experience in the industrial field. He runs Tidalwave, his own consultancy company, and has contributed to Java success stories in a number of fields, including Formula One. Fabrizio often appears as a speaker at international Java conferences such as JavaOne and Devoxx and is member of JUG Milano and the NetBeans Dream Team.

Alexander Glasman is working in the Java ME Test Products group
at Sun Microsystems. Alexander's primary area of focus
is the Technology Compatibility Kits (TCKs). He developed TCKs for
different technologies and has a broad expertise across the whole
Java ME stack from Java Card to CDC/PBP/AGUI.

Mason Glaves is the senior Java engineer at Vanten K.K.
(, an open source consulting company based in
Tokyo, Japan. He has been working professionally in such varied fields
as network and application security, biometric authentication, and
knowledge management for the past seven years but has been a known
voice in the security community since 1988. He began working with Java
in early 1996 and has been an avid developer and advocate ever since.
Mason has an academic background in Anthropology with a specialization
in linguistics and spends his free time studying and documenting both
Native American and far East Asian language and culture.

ennifer Rodoni Glore is an engineer at Sun Microsystems, Inc. Currently, she works in the Market Development Engineering Organization and helps evangelize Java technology and works on integration projects with Oracle. She is the author of "An Introduction to the Java Connector Architecture", "What's New in the J2EE Connector Architecture, Part 1", and "What's New in the J2EE Connector Architecture, Part 2", which have all been published on

Brian Goetz has been a professional software developer for the past 17 years. He is a Principal Consultant at Quiotix, a software development and consulting firm located in Los Altos, California, and he serves on the JCP Expert Groups for JSR 107 (Java Caching API) and 166 (Concurrency Utilities), and has published numerous articles on Java development in popular industry publications.

Max Goff is the CTO for Kostizi, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is a 20-year veteran of software development with 9 years at Sun Microsystems, 6 of which were spent serving as a Java technology evangelist, specializing in JMX, Jini, and Jxta technologies. He is a published author, writer, and inventor with three distributed computing patents, and three patents filed while serving at Kostizi. Goff holds an M.B.A. from the University of San Francisco, an MSA from the University of Phoenix, and is a nine-time Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International. He is also a member of the IEEE and a professional-level member of the World Future Society.

Russ Gold has been developing in Java since 1996, and is the author of the open source framework HttpUnit.

Athomas Goldberg is the Wildcard in Sun's Game Technologies Group having spent the last several years engaged in synthetic actor research, game tools & middleware design, p2p network architecture, software marketing, business development and corporate governance. AT's first project for Sun was JOAL (Java Bindings for OpenAL), and is a project owner and active contributor on several projects.

Alexandre Gomes got his Master degree from Universidade de
Brasilia, Brazil, researching on ubiquitous computing and developing a middleware called UbiquitOS to abstract physical devices as software components (which will be published on soon). Alexandre is CTO at SEA Tecnologia, a brazilian company based on agile practicies, he is board member of
and he loves to speak at IT conferences. Today, he maintains a number of projects at, such as BtUtil, EasyJini, Coral, DiNo, HoHo,
Greenbox and uVNC.

I'm a Java developer with more than 10 years of experience. I'm mostly working with Java EE 6 technology (JSF, CDI, EJB most notably), and with related open-source projects (Richfaces, Deltaspike, CODI, Arquillian), and other non-related but really usefull ones (most notably Twitter Boostrap).

Art Gould has been hanging around corporate IT and the software industry for over 20 years.
Recently, he's been following Linux and open source developers for Sun.

Vikram Goyal is the author of Pro Java ME MMAPI, published by Apress. This book explains how to add audio, video and other multimedia capabilities to a Java enabled phone. Vikram is also the author of the Jakarta Commons Online Bookshelf. In his spare time, Vikram helps manage a free craft projects website. Vikram hopes to start his own mobile industry initiative soon. You can contact him at

Duane Gran is a Project Manager at the University of Virginia, where he supervises Java developers working on software to enhance literary criticism. Previously he served as a Software Architect and was a Senior Java Programmer at the Department of Labor and the Library of Congress. He has been programming in Java since the public beta in 1995. Duane lives in Charlottesville, VA.

Richard Gregor is Software Engineering Manager at Sun Microsystems. Since November 2005, Richard has been leading the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit Team, focusing on JSR 248 reference implementation and the next version of the fabulous Sun Java Wireless Toolkit. Richard has been at Sun Microsystems for over 5 years, working as JavaHelp software engineer and also as NetBeans IDE developer in Prague Sun Development Center. In his current role, Richard is responsible for managing of the toolkit implementations.

Mike Grogan is a staff engineer at Sun Microsystems currently working on the WebServices Team. He is the Spec Lead for JSR 223 "Scripting for the Java Platform" and Co-Spec Lead for JSR 261"Java APIs for XML-based Web Services Addressing".

Kristoffer Gronowski has been working at Ericsson AB since the summer of 2004. Currently working as a systems manager for the multi media platforms division where he is responsible for the in house SIP container strategies and for various third party solutions. Before joining Ericsson Kristoffer was for four years working as a senior developer at Hotsip, then a startup company today part of Oracle, focusing on Java SIP services like voice, video, chat, presence, and gaming. Kristoffer is also a member in the JSR 289 expert group standardizing the next version SIP servlet container. When not working Kristoffer usually does things near any kind of water. A common weekend activity is to visit the beautiful Finish island of Åland.

Kirill Grouchnikov has been writing software since he was in junior high school, and after finishing his BSc in computer science, he happily continues doing it for a living. He is currently working as a senior software developer in a large corporate environment and would like to share his views on the Java community, trends and code writing experience.

Sergey Groznyh is a Swing Text developer at Sun Microsystems. Prior to
that he was involved in numerous projects in the industry related to structured
text processing and formatting.

Kyle Grucci is a Senior Staff Engineer with Sun Microsystems, Inc. Kyle is currently the architect for the Java EE Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) and related Enterprise Technology Compatibility Kits. His primary responsibilities include overall architecture design and implementation of the CTS test harness and porting packages. Kyle holds an B.S. in Math and Information Systems from Boston College. He is also an avid sports fan of the Red Sox, BC, Patriots, and Celtics.

Arun Gupta is Director of Developer Advocacy at Red Hat and focuses on JBoss Middleware. As a founding member of the Java EE team at Sun Microsystems, he spread the love for technology all around the world. At Oracle, he led a cross-functional team to drive the global launch of the Java EE 7 platform through strategy, planning, and execution of content, marketing campaigns, and program. After authoring ~1400 blogs at on different Java technologies, he continues to promote Red Hat technologies and products at Arun has extensive speaking experience in 37 countries on myriad topics and is a JavaOne Rockstar. An author of a best-selling book, an avid runner, a globe trotter, a Java Champion, he is easily accessible at @arungupta.

Romain is a French student currently working as an intern with the Swing Team at Sun Microsystems. His numerous other works include being a journalist for computing magazines and translating books for O'Reilly France. He has been using Java for many years and now puts as much time and efforts he can in UI design and Java for the desktop programming.

I worked as an architect in the Java Client Group at Sun, followed by a stint at Adobe on the Flex SDK team. I can now be found at Google, working on the Android SDK.

I co-authored the book Filthy Rich Clients with Romain Guy. I also wrote the book Flex 4 Fun, about the graphical and animated side of Flex.

You can see what I'm up to now on my blog Codedependent, where I post articles, demos, code, and videos on graphics, animation, and other geeky-fun topics.

You can also check out the lighter side of my interests on my comedy blog at, or in my book When I am King..., available from

Jan Haderka is one of architects of Magnolia CMS and CEO of Czech branch of Magnolia.
He has been writing software for number of years and since 1995 he has
been doing so for living, working for various companies from small startups to big corporations.
Jan has been also involved in number of other open source projects, most notably with Swinglabs.

Marc is a Principal Engineer with the Mitre Corporation where he works on a variety of projects for federal agencies. Prior to joining Mitre, Marc was a Java and Web Services Architect at Sun Microsystems where he lead the development of JSR 311, a Java API for RESTful Web Services and JSR 224 a Java API for SOAP-based services. Marc represented Sun Microsystems in the W3C XML Protocol and W3C Web Services Addressing working groups where he was co-editor of the SOAP 1.2 and WS-Addressing specifications. Marc also served as the technical lead for Sun's participation at the Web Services Interoperability Organisation (WS-I).

Tim Halloran is a software engineer living in Pittsburgh who has been hacking since the PDP-11 was considered cutting-edge (not a museum piece). His interests include Java animation, concurrency, and program analysis. He is the administrator of the Timing Framework project and was a technical reviewer for Josh Bloch's Effective Java (second edition).

Mozammel Haque lives in Bangladesh and works as a Senior Software Engineer at Therap BD Ltd.

Steven Harris has been a Java Developer since 1998. He lives in Framingham,
Massachusetts with wife Helen and cat Jessica. He has many interests in the
vast arena of Java Technologies, but Jini Network Technology is a particular
favorite. Check out his Federale project
on He is currently employed as a senior software engineer at Idiom,
Inc. Thus far, he has been unable to disprove the fundamental premise of
Brooks' "Silver Bullet" paper, although he continues to try on
a daily basis. His current favorite authors are Dave
Thomas, (not of the Wendy's fame) and
Andrew Hunt. Steve has a BA in Geology from Boston University and an MS in Computer Science
from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. His interests include Computer technology, Music (he's an acoustic folk guitar picker), Science in general, and Ham Radio (callsign: W1CTO).

Ahmed Hashim has been working with Java technologies since 2002. He has experience with EJB, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, JSF & AJAX, ESB & BPEL. He is SCJP and SCWCD. Ahmed Hashim is the initiative, founder and leader of the Egyptian Java User group, he is a frequent speaker in local event in Egypt organized by Egyptian JUG and other communities. Ahmed is a Sun Java Champion since December 2007. Ahmed graduated from Faculty of Computers and Information, Computer Science Department, Cairo University, after doing MSc thesis 'Design Level Assertion and Architecture quality'.

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi (sayedh) is a software engineer and consultant. Sayed has been involved in many open source projects in the past and currently is focused on JXTA. He is the owner of the dreamcatcher project at His primary professional
focus is on Java and P2P applications (using JXTA), because of this so is his blog!

Erik Hatcher is the co-author of the premiere book on Ant, Java Development with Ant published by Manning and is co-author of Lucene in Action. He is an active Ant project developer and maintains jGuru's Ant FAQ and Forum. Erik has written articles for, IBM developerWorks, and JavaPro. His other active open-source efforts currently include Lucene, XDoclet, and his own blogger - BlogScene. Erik lives in Charlottesville, VA.

Ryan Heaton is a senior software engineer for Ryan specializes in the design and development of Web services, particularly for the Java platform. He actively contributes to the effort of making Web services easy to develop and publish while maintaining an acceptable level of interoperability. As part of his contribution to this end, Ryan engineered Enunciate, a Web service deployment framework. Ryan is the father of four boys and currently resides in Salt Lake City.

In addition to exploring the wonderful world of technology at Tech Days, and getting to interview many Java technology luminaries and unsung heroes on as a staff writer for Sun, Janice J. Heiss is a published writer of fiction and non-fiction and has written and performed for the stage, including stand-up comedy.

She also blogs at:,, and

Juan Carlos Herrera is a consultant at Educational Consulting
Services a division of Sun Learning Services and Java Instructor with
over five years experience delivering Sun courses. His concerns is about
the "human side" of Security & Performance. More information on him can
be found at People Wiki.

David Herron is a writer and green technology advocate living in Silicon Valley. He had worked for 10+ years in the Java SE Quality Engineering team. Work there included open source community engagement, mentoring team members, running contests, developing test suites and GUI test automation tools. He was a co-author of the original java.awt.Robot class. His prior experience is in development roles, in cross-platform GUI toolkits, and electronic mail systems. David graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1988. David's other blog sites include David Herron .com, Seven General Ruminations (covering sustainability, alternate energy, etc), VisForVoltage (an electric vehicle discussion forum) and writing for as the Green Transportation Examiner.

Shannon Hickey is Technical Lead for the Swing team at Sun Microsystems. As a member of the team for the last five years, he has become intimately familiar with the toolkit, of which he now guides the technical direction. Shannon is also personally responsible for enhancing multiple areas, including the Swing drag and drop experience. You'll find him frequenting the Swing & AWT forum on where he loves chatting with the community and answering questions.

Rachel Hill is a videographer, photographer, creative designer, and
overall new media specialist. She is constantly fascinated by the
ways new media continues to change the way we live. She is especially
interested in the possibilities for web video as a new medium for
communication and collaboration. She lives in Burbank, CA where she
trains middle and high schoolers to utilize digital media in new and
creative ways. You can see her work at