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Ron Hitchens is a California-based computer geek whose career dates
back to the disco era. His first computer was a punched-card
mainframe. The last one (so far) is a G4 Mac PowerBook. Not just a
good idea, it's Moore's Law.

Ron has done a little of everything but mostly concentrated on Java
for the last few years as a consultant,
author and employee
of failed startups.
Ron recently joined Mark Logic Corporation,
a successful startup, where he is a Senior Engineer, Editor-In-Chief of the
xq:zone Developer Website and
discovering the world of XQuery.

Stanley Ho is the architect for the Java Deployment team in Java SE at Sun Microsystems, Inc. He has been involved with Java since JDK 1.1 when he joined the JavaBeans team. He was the technical lead or the main contributor in many projects, including Java Web Start, Java Update, JDK/JRE Install-On-Demand, Java Plug-in, etc. Most recently, he is the specification lead for JSR-277: Java Module System.

Mark Hoeber is a technical writer at Sun Microsystems, working on J2SE documentation. His 12 years of experience includes stints at BBN and Cisco Systems. He is a Sun Certified Java Programmer, and is currently pursuing an MBA degree.

Ken Hofsass is a member of the technical staff at Sun Microsystems. He is part of the JAX-WS and WSIT Development Teams. Ken is also a member of the vendors' WS-MEX specification group and is currently responsible for the WS-MEX implementation in WSIT.

Wayne is a Web Systems Architect for Northrop Grumman working in the Defense Enterprise Solutions division where he manages a team that designs and builds web-based information systems.  Wayne built his first home computer from an Intel 4040 chip set he purchased for $100 in 1974.  Things have only gotten more complicated since then.

Jacob Hookom is a developer with McKesson Medical-Surgical, designing supply management solutions on the web, desktop, and handheld for a multitude of markets. He started consulting at 16 and has since held titles from Information Architect to Product Manager. In his free time, he contributes to Sun's JavaServerFaces RI and Glassfish projects and is an active member of the JavaServerFaces Expert Groups. Recently he started a project of his own, called 'Facelets', which is a templating framework for JavaServer Faces.

Cay Horstmann is author of Core Java (Sun Microsystems Press 1996-2009), Enterprise Java for Elvis (Sun Microsystems Press, to appear), and co-author of Core JSF (Sun Microsystems Press 2004-2009) Cay is professor of computer science at San Jose State University. He is a computer science series editor at Prentice-Hall and a frequent speaker at computer industry conferences. For four years, Cay was VP and CTO of an Internet startup that went from 3 people in a tiny office to a public company.

Justyna Horwat is a Software Engineer at Apple Computer and has been involved in Java-enabled web technologies for the past 7 years. Currently, she's working on the server-side implementation of the iTunes Music Store. Before joining Apple, she worked at JavaSoft, a division of Sun Microsystems, on the JSP Standard Tag Library, Tomcat, JSPs, Servlets, and JSF implementations. She's been active in the Open Source community for several years and in 2002 became the first woman developer to be elected an Apache Software Foundation member.

Aaron Houston is the former Program Coordinator, Community Programs & Technology Outreach, for Sun Microsystems Inc. Aaron was a former member of's Community Watch Program (Verified Rights Owner - VeRO). He's also the co-organizer of the Community Corner at the JavaOne conference. He has been with Sun's Technology Outreach (Java Evangelism) team since 2005. Aaron now works for Adobe as one of their Community Managers for Adobe User Groups

Hans Hrasna, a 16-year Sun veteran and a senior staff engineer for Java software, has been focusing on development projects on the J2EE platform and Sun Java System Application Server since the beginning of J2EE in 1999. He wrote the original J2EE application assembly and deployment specification and led the J2EE Management Specification (JSR 77) Expert Group. Hans led the development of the deployment, application verification, and upgrade tools for Sun Java System Application Server and Project GlassFish. He is currently the architect and technical lead for the Mobile Enterprise Platform (MEP).

Jason Hunter is Principal Technologist with Mark Logic, specializing in large-scale XML content manipulation using XQuery. He's probably best known as the author of "Java Servlet Programming" (O'Reilly Media). He's also an Apache Member and as Apache's representative on the Java Community Process Executive Committee he established a landmark agreement allowing open source Java. He's publisher of and, an original contributer to Apache Tomcat (and Apache Ant committer), the creator of the JDOM open source project, a member of the expert groups responsible for Servlet, JSP, JAXP, and XQJ API development, and was recently appointed Sun Java Champion. In 2003, he received the Oracle Magazine Author of the Year award, and in 2005, the JavaOne Outstanding Talk award. His largest audience was 15,000 at
a JavaOne conference keynote.

Jim Hurley is a senior engineering manager at Sun Microsystems where he is managing and leading the Jini Community, an open and global
group of companies, organizations, universities, and individual developers working with and advancing Jini technology. He has over
20 years of experience in the computer industry in a variety of management and engineering roles.

Dan Hushon is the chief technologist for the Sun Grid Project. He leads the techical architecture, cross-Sun alignment, and execution of Sun's utility computing strategy; a pay as you go, multi-tenant isolated network of computing resources linked by a network operating system. Dan's specific expertise lies in the areas of adaptive enterprise architectures, distributed and distributable service oriented architectures (SOAs), and utility computing. Prior to his position as chief technologist, Dan was the chief technologist for US Client Solutions, Sun's field sales organization.

Will Iverson is the CTO for Dynacron Group ( Previous roles include architect and consulting practice management. He has previously worked with Apple, Sun, BEA, and Symantec and is the author of several books on Java software development, including Real World Web Services and Mac OS X for Java Geeks.

Dean Iverson is a cofounder of Pleasing Software Solutions, a custom software provider located in Colorado. His multifarious engineering career has included microcontroller design, computer games, high-end driving simulators, and rich internet and enterprise applications.

Michael Ivey is Senior Partner with Ivey & Brown, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in Scrum and Ruby on Rails. He first learned about process from Happy Jack, and has been an evangelist ever since. He lives in Bay Minette, AL with his wife Emily and too many cats.

Emil Ivov is a member of the Network Research Team at the Louis
Pasteur University, Strasbourg - France. His research interests are in
the areas of IPv6 Networking, Terminal Mobility, and Communications.
Code contributions he has made to are: sip-communicator (VoIP
Java Agent), stun4j (NAT and Firewall Support for Java Applications),
and he has also been participating in jain-sip 1.1 (TCK and IPv6
support). Previously, Emil has been developing for ALCATEL - France
and COSMOS Software - Bulgaria.

Kumar Jayanti is a staff engineer at Sun Microsystems and works in the Web Technologies and Standards team. In his current role, Kumar is the implementation lead for GlassFish V3 Security, Metro WebServices Security and also the specification and implementation lead for the SAAJ (JSR 67). He has been working in the areas of application and infrastructure security effort at Sun since early 2004. Kumar holds an M.Tech degree in Computer Science from IIT Mumbai, India. His areas of interest include Distributed computing, CORBA, XML, WebServices and Security.

Bernt M. Johnsen is technical lead on Apache Derby at Sun's Database Technology Group in Trondheim, Norway. He has 5 years database
experience (database management, JDBC drivers, distributed SQL execution). Prior work includes internet banking, compilers and expert
systems. He has a wife and 3 boys, and likes to climb (indoor, ice, glaciers, rock) and to kayak in his spare time.

Tushar Joshi, Nagpur is a Java Architect. Tushar works at Persistent Systems, Nagpur, India as Software Architect. Tushar is working with Java since 1998. Tushar is leader of the JUG Nagpur. He has a passion for training and mentoring, students and professionals in Software Programming area. He is a NetBeans Community Docs contributor, maintains a blog for NetBeans IDE, and is a NetBeans Dream Team member.

Eloi Jr is a software developer for desktop and mobile enviroments. He has working with Java ME since 2001 and has developed some interesting projects using this technology. He has talking about Java ME in great technologies events in Brazil and has writing articles about software development for mobile devices. Eloi Jr is an enthusiast of embedded technologies because believes that the miniaturization of computer devices will change intensively our lives.

Masoud Kalali has a software engineering degree and has been working on software development projects since 1998. He has experience with a variety of technologies (.NET, J2EE, CORBA, and COM+) on diverse platforms (Solaris, Linux, and Windows). His experience is in software architecture, design, and server-side development.
Masoud has published several articles at and Dzone. He has authored multiple refcards, published by Dzone, including but not limited to Using XML in Java, Java EE Security and GlassFish v3 refcardz. He is one of the founder members of NetBeans Dream Team and a GlassFish community spotlighted developer. Recently Masoud's new book, GlassFish Security has been published which covers GlassFish v3 security and Java EE 6 security.

Masoud's main area of research and interest includes service-oriented architecture and large scale systems' development and deployment and in his leisure time he enjoys photography, mountaineering and camping. Masoud's can be followed at his Twitter account.
I migrated my weblog from platform to my personal website at

Marina Kamahele has a graduate degree in Computer Science from University of California, and Mathematics, Business Administration, and Computer Science degress from University of Hawaii. Marina is a jet skier, and also enjoys baking, eating, and coding. Marina is currently masquerading as a Senior Software Engineer in a large software and electronics company.

Born in 1973, Markus Karg graduated from German information technology
college in business informatics with specialisation on systems and networks
in 1997. He is talking Java since the same year and contributes to several
open source projects. Following his focus of interest, distributed systems,
he is employed as the design and implementation lead of a medium-sized ISV.
From time to time he is publishing about software technology, like in this
blog or German magazines. In his rare sparetime, he enjoys to have breakfast
out in a cafe with the love of his life, which he married in 2001.

Manveen Kaur works in the Web Technologies and Standards area at Sun Microsystems.
She has been involved with the Web services effort at Sun since its inception and has
contributed to multiple releases of WS-Trust, WS-SecureConversation, XML and WebServices Security, SAAJ, JAXM and Apache Tomcat. She has represented Sun in WS-I and OASIS interoperabiity events.
Her interests include Web Services interoperability, XML, and Web Technologies. Manveen holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi is a senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystems. He has been working on XML and XML schema languages since 2001, in particular RELAX NG, W3C XML Schema, JAXB, and JAXP. He also hosts many projects on, such as Hudson. More information on him can be found at

Patrick Keegan has been writing about NetBeans IDE since just before NetBeans the company was acquired by Sun in 1999. He lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic, where he torments his colleagues with his taste in dated and marginal music.

Jeff Kesselman is a Game Technology Architect focusing on game server technologies
in the Game Technology Group. He came to Sun from 15 years in the games and
multi-media industries. He has manual-credit on Crystal Dynamics' games The Horde
and Titan, and wrote networking code at The Total Entertainment Network for such
games as Duke Nukem3D, Total Annihilation and Dark Sun Online.

Peter Kessler has been implementing languages and their runtime systems since the late 1970's, when he was an author of the Berkeley Pascal
compiler (and several other Berkeley Unix bits). He then moved to Xerox PARC where he worked on the Cedar language, operating
system, and development environment. Peter has been at Sun since 1990, working on experimental operating systems, distributed
programming, and the Java(TM) platform. He is currently the technical lead for the garbage collector in the HotSpot(TM)
Java virtual machine. He is not an academic garbage collector:
he just likes high-performance multi-threaded systems that have
to work perfectly.

Wonseok Kim is a senior developer at TmaxSoft, South Korea. He works on the development of Tmax Application Server - very popular in Korea. He has been participated in JCP such as JSR 244 (Java EE 5) and JSR 220 (EJB 3.0). He is also a contributor to GlassFish project. Prior to Java EE he had developed NMS and OSS systems for telecommunications in Java. Now he has concerns primarily on EJB and persistence technologies and is working on them.

Roger is the JavaServer Faces co-specification lead.
Roger has extensively been involved with server side web technologies
and products since 1997. He started working on JavaServer Faces in
2001, as a member of the reference implementation team. He has
experience with Servlet, JSP technologies, and most recently
he has been involved with different rendering technologies for JSF.

Onno is a Sr. Director at Sun, the Chairperson of the Java Community Process and occasionally involved with various other Java communities. Onno joined Sun in May 1997. Before the JCP, he did product marketing for Project "Swing" and JavaBeans. In his free time he attempts to write Java code, rides bicycles and does photography.

Doug Kohlert is a senior staff engineer in the Web Technologies and Standards division of Sun Microsystems where he is the technical lead for JAX-WS and JAX-RPC.

Satya Komatineni is the author of AspireJ2EE (, an open source web development RAD tool for J2EE/XML. He is also the author of a public contnent managemetn/weblogging system called AKC ( He has published with,, XML Journal, Java Report, and Java Developers Journal. Currently Satya, in his capacity as CTO at Indent, Inc., is also a technical architect on a number of SBIR (Small business innovative research) phase-I awards. Satya's current research includes CMS/Blogging Systems, Universal Data Tiers, Java, C#, COM+, J2EE, XML,Relational Databases, Frameworks, SVG, Web Charting, Universal IDEs, Transformational languages (JSP, XSL, awk), and Better software architectures. Satya holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from IIT, New Delhi, 1986. The companies he has consulted with include IBM, Millipore, CSX, Ryder, Bax Global, Harland, and TNT Logistics, NA.

Peter Korn has been working on disability access to computing since 1992 starting with Berkeley Access - creators of the first graphical screen reader and magnifier. At Sun since 1996, Peter helped develop and implement the Java Accessibility architecture, and wrote the Java Access Bridge for Windows. As Sun's Accessibility Architect, he is involved with accessibility of GNOME, StarOffice, Mozilla, Evolution, and numerous other projects within Sun. With Pat Sueltz he received the Helen Keller Achievement award for Sun's leadership in GNOME accessibility, and he received the American Foundation for the Blind Access Award for Sun's Java Accessibility architecture.