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Ted has a background in both computer hardware and software with an emphasis in embedded systems and industrial monitoring and control. He is interested in manual and CNC machine tools, Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), rebuilding cars and all kinds of machinery and studying metaphysics. He is a faculty member in the Computer Engineering Technology program at Shawnee State University in Ohio, USA and is the administrator of a number of Embedded Java related projects.

Jitendra Kotamraju is a staff engineer at Sun Microsystems. He has been working in java webservices, including JAXRPC, JAXWS, SAAJ implementations. He has extensive experience in distributed, and networking technologies.

Navaneeth Krishnan is an employee of Sun Microsystems based in Bangalore, India and he currently works with the Sun Java System Portal Server group. His interests include Portal technologies, J2EE, Web Services and JXTA. He has written articles on Java and JXTA and also co-authored two books: JXTA: Java P2P Programming & Java P2P Unleashed.

Monika Krug has been programming literally half her life, since taking a Turbo Pascal programming course at age 12. After some years she switched to Java, which she certainly does not regret, as Java is still the finest programming language around in her opinion. In 2001, she started studying mathematics and computer science at the University of Mannheim,
Germany, and expects to complete her diploma thesis about software engineering in 2006. She works as a tutor (instructor for practice
sessions for the undergrad students) at the university, where she enjoys watching over the Java projects of the younger students.
Currently she is enjoying a 6-month internship at SAP.

Meeraj Kunnumpurath works as the Lead Technologist for VocaLink. He has published many books and articles
on enterprise Java, web services and SOA. He is a member of the OASIS technical committees for the OpenCSA specifications and one of the
founders of the open source SCA implementation and federated service provisioning container Fabric3.

Budi Kurniawan is a senior J2EE architect. He is the author of "How Tomcat Works: A Guide to Developing Your Own Servlet Container" and "Struts Design and Programming: A Tutorial".

Dr. Barbara ("Bobbi") Kurshan is Executive director of the Global Education & Learning community (GELC) on and President of Educorp Consultants Corp. Dr. Kurshan developed the first children's software products for Microsoft--Creative Writer and Fine Artist--and also created award-winning products for McGraw-Hill, Apple, CCC (Pearson) and others. As a professor, she helped students research the impact of technology on learning. Through her venture fund Core Learning, she invested in companies and entrepreneurs who are impacting learning and the industry. Among numerous honors, Dr. Kurshan received the Education Academic Society's Making It Happen Award and the Highest Leaf Award from the Women's Venture Fund. She is listed in Who's Who in Technology Today.

Ori Kushnir is the founder and CTO of New York based June
Technologies - a startup firm specializing in the development of
financial models and trading technologies. Ori has 14 years of
software development experience and is interested in philosophy,
gastronomy and distributed systems.

Igor Kushnirskiy leads the development of the javax.swing.text package.
Before that he has helped with Blackwood project and HotJava web browser.

Emeric Kwemou has been writing software since he was in high school, and after finishing his BSc in Mathematic. He is currently working as a software developer and studying software engeneering. Emeric would like to share his views on the Java community, trends and code writing experience.

Mark Lam was previously a virtual machine engineer in the JavaME CDC team at Sun Microsystems for 8 years. Before joining Sun, he was a real-time embedded systems developer for 6+ years, working on application frameworks, graphics systems, networking protocols, game development, and fault tolerant systems amongst other things, on devices ranging from 64KB 8bit uControllers to 32-bit RISC machines. Currently, Mark is pursuing other interests in embedded development.

Thomas Landgraf is CEO and Cofounder of Micromata GmbH.
Born in 1967, he studied from 1987 at University of Kassel in Germany
and WPI in Massachusetts, US. Micromata is doing JavaEE development for
big german companies. Since summer 2009 he is also the leader of the
Java Usergroup Hessen (JUGH).

Milton Lapido is an electronic engineer with masters degree in computer
science, currently working as a development manager at BIREME/PAHO/WHO
(World Health Organization), where he is in charge of many projects that
involves Open Source, Java and web.

Allen Lau is the CTO and Co-founder of Tira Wireless. He is also the creator of Tira's Jump Platform - the leading mobile content deployment solution in the market. He holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Thorsten Laux, Sun's Desktop Java Strategist, champions Java on the desktop within and outside of Sun Microsystems.

Mauricio Leal (aka Maltron) has being working for Java for almost 8 years and it has created a successful company in the past for Mobile Applications, providing solutions for Transportation companies, using Nextel and Motorola technologies. Currently, he works for Telefónica as System Architect in charge of Latin American operations, in charge of 15 different countries for implementing a cross-border system for the entire region.

Chuk works with ISVs around the Asia Pacific Region, helping them with design, development, benchmarking, sizing, performance tuning, proof-of-concepts and technology transfer and updates. He has spoken extensively at conferences around the region and was also a speaker at JavaOne and Sun Network Conference 2003. Chuk specializes in J2EE and CLDC/MIDP development. He has been working with Java since 1996. He is in the Market Development Engineering (MDE) at Sun Microsystems and is based in Singapore.
Prior to working for Sun, Chuk was a systems engineer with Fujitsu for 6 years.

Bob Lee is a technical architect and co-author of Manning's _Bitter EJB_. He frequently speaks and writes about AOP. Bob loves Apple so much that he named his cat Wozniak. You can visit Bob's home page at

Felipe Leme has worked professionally with Java since 1996, and in the last years had became an active enthusiastic of the technology: he is
a frequent speaker in the main Brazilian Java conferences, presented at JavaOne for 3 years in a row, is a developer of a few Java-based open-source projects (like DbUnit and Jakarta Cactus), and is an
individual member of the Java Community Process, where he took part of the JSP 2.1 and Java EE 5.0 expert groups.

He is a father of two, and in his spare time likes to assemble jigsaw puzzles and collect Marvel comic books with his older son, Thomas. He used to scuba dive as well, but have not dove yet in this new millennium.

Currently, he works as an independent consultant and Java instructor in Brazil, but is planning to move back to the US, where he worked from 1999 to 2002.

Manoel Lemos is the R&D and Technology Manager for Hypercom Latin America which uses Java as a fundamental tool in several projects, particularly in the National Health Card Project and Transactional Platforms. He has a special interest in distributed systems, P2P and mobile computing. He began playing with computers at age of eight and followed this passion for computers and technology through his graduation and post graduation in computer engineering. Today he works at Hypercom with transactional platforms and embedded applications for the transactional industry (credit and debit cards, benefits and loyalty applications, smart and contactless cards). As a hobby he used to dive with sharks and take underwater pictures (this is where the nickname SharkBoy came from).

Brian Leonard is a Sales Engineer at Oracle responsible for Oracle's Fusion Middle products including WebLogic, SOA Suite and Exalogic. Prior to joining the Oracle sales organization, Brian was a Product Manager for Oracle's Solaris technologies.

Brian began his career working as a systems engineer with EDS at Enron, but claims no responsibility for Enron's ultimate demise. Always wanting to experience California, Brian moved from Houston to Silicon Valley in 1991 just in time to ride the .com wave. In 1997 Brian joined the startup NetDynamics, which was pushing a new concept called an application server. In 1998 NetDynamics was acquired by Sun Microsystems and soon after J2EE (now Java EE) was born. Brian then spent the rest of his career working in the application server space before his boss suggested he consider joining the than left for dead NetBeans team. During that time the NetBeans community grew from thousands to millions of users, and Brian falls to sleep at night assuming he played some small part in fueling that growth.

Brian spends almost all of his spare time hanging out with his 3 awesome kids, in fear of the day they wake-up and decide he's no longer cool enough to hang out with.

Elie Levy is a big fan of Java Technologies, and software development in general.
His working experience is primarly in the server side, implementing business
logic, defining EJB components, and providing an architectural direction.
He is the creator of the Zilonis Rules Engine open source project hosted in
Recently he got more interested on the client side, building rich client
applications using Swing.

Mark is Director of Standards and a Development Manager at JBoss. Prior to this he was chief architect for Arjuna Technologies, a spin-off from Hewlett-Packard specializing in distributed transaction and messaging solutions for J2EE and Web Services. Prior to Arjuna, Mark was a distinguished engineer for HP, where he lead the transactions team. Mark has published several books in the areas of Java and regularly publishes in conferences, workshops and journals. He's also active on various standards bodies, including JCP, OASIS and W3C.

Sebastian Lohmeier got his vocational training on information technology at a company in Berlin and is a fan of the local public library. He has been using Java and Jini for four years and runs a number of projects at He is currently working as independent software engineer and consultant.

Camilo Lopez is by profession a Mathematician/Physicist and by trade has been
designing and coding software for more than 20 years mostly about data
analysis and mining.
His current interests are: reusable, transparent local HTTP caches using java; Relational -> Object Mapping (Yes, the other way around!); Design of Intuitive interfaces based on Swing; Distributed Data and Services

Mike Loukides has been an editor at O'Reilly since 1990; according to
Tim, he was the first person who was hired as an editor. He's edited
books on just about every topic, but these days, his biggest interests
are Java, Networking, and System Administration. He's been involved
with Java since very close to the beginning--although he missed the
first Java One, he was at the USENIX conference about six months earlier at which James Gosling first talked about Java to the public. Mike is also a serious pianist with a few recordings hidden online, an Amateur Radio operator who spends too much time writing logging software in Java, and an English PhD who's no longer up on high-tech critical theory.

Fernando Lozano is an independent consultant who has worked with information systems since 1991. Among his customers are government agencies, chemical, banking and health-care corporations. He has a BA in computer science as well as many professional certifications in networking, databases and software development from Sun, IBM, Microsoft, LPI and Red Hat. He's also a counselor to the Linux Professional Institute Brazillian affiliate and associate edior at Java Magazine (Brazil), besides teaching operating aystems and object oriented programming college courses.

Xiaobin Lu is a software engineer for Java Internationalization group at Sun Microsystems. His main interest areas are in Java input method, text break iterator and resource bundle. Apart from his regular i18n work, he is actively working on improving Java performance. He has worked for Sun since 2001, specializing in Java Plug-in, Open Java integration for open source Mozilla project.

In his other life, he enjoys hiking and music. He currently lives at Sunnyvale, California

Qusay H. Mahmoud is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the
University of Guelph in Canada. He has presented technical tutorials at
international conferences worldwide. He has published two Java books:
Distributed Programming with Java (Manning Publications), and Learning
Wireless Java (O'Reilly) that have been translated into Korean, Czech, and
Simplified Chinese. Qusay holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Middlesex
University in England.

Sergey Malenkov is an engineer on the Swing team from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
He is responsible engineer for JavaBeans technologies: introspection, customization and long term persistence. Also he is interested in game development.

Eve Maler is an XML Standards Architect at Sun Microsystems, where she coordinates Sun's involvement with web services security standards such as SAML and WS-I Basic Security Profile. She is also an active contributor to the UBL standard for electronic B2B, and was a founding member of several core XML standards efforts, including XML itself.

Steve Mallett is the founder and managing editor of (Open Source Directory) on the O'Reilly Network, and volunteers as the webmaster for

Sonya Barry has been with for several years - starting as an intern in grad school, moving to an engineering position after graduation, and has been the Community Manager since January 2009.