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Anne Thomas Manes is a Research Director with Burton Group
(, a research, consulting, and advisory firm. She
leads research on application platform strategies, with a specific focus on
Web services. Anne is a widely recognized industry expert on Web Services.
In 2002, NetworkWorld named Anne one of the 50 most powerful people in
networking. The previous year she received a similar honor from Enterprise
Systems Journal, who listed her among the 2001 Power 100 IT Leaders. She is
the author of "Web Services: A Manager's Guide" (ISBN 0321185773). She is a
member of the editorial board of Web Services Journal. She is a frequent
speaker at trade shows and author of numerous articles. Anne participates in
Web Services standards development efforts at JCP, W3C, and OASIS. Prior to
her role at Burton Group, Anne was the Chief Technology Officer at Systinet,
and the Director of Market Innovation at Sun Microsystems, where she led Sun
's early Web Services strategy. She also served as a Senior Analyst with
Patricia Seybold Group, where she was Editor-in-Chief of the "Distributed
Computing Monitor" newsletter. Anne developed her expertise working at a
number of the world's leading hardware and software companies. Anne earned a
bachelors degree in Economics at Wellesley College.

Ivan Manida has worked as an engineer at Sun Microsystems for nearly 8 years.
Before Sun, he was part of a team developing C++ to Java cross-compiler
for hardware manufacturer Imsys. He was a front-end developer for
Solaris C compiler, actively participated in the effort of porting
Solaris compilers to Linux. He did buildmastering and data
synchronization across Sun's datacenters. Now, as an engineer in Sun
Learning Services organization, he is working on website and database

Seema Manivannan has over six years experience in software development, teaching
and content development in Java and related technologies. She conducts Instructor-led
online trainings for Sun Java Certification exams and is the co-author of various
Java exam simulators from Whizlabs. She
is also the moderator of the Whizlabs SCBCD discussion forum. Seema holds SCJP, SCWCD and SCBCD certifications. She has a Bachelor of Technology
degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a PG in Advanced Computing
from C-DAC. You can reach her at

Kito D. Mann is an enterprise architect who has developed applications with a wide variety of technologies on several different platforms. He has been working with Java since its debut in 1995, and has written several articles on Java-related products and technologies. Kito has consulted with Fortune 500 clients, including Prudential Financial and J. P. Morgan Chase & Company, and was recently the chief architect of an educational application service provider. He is also the author of JavaServer Faces in Action (Manning) and the founder of, a site devoted to the JavaServer Faces community.

Neto Marin is one of the founders of JME Brasil and a Team Leader of Integration and Mobile Solutions at Softway. He has been working with mobile development since 2005 and is now involved in growing the JME community in Brazil, while still working with personal mobile projects.

Josh Marinacci first tried Java in 1995 at the request of his favorite TA and never looked back. He is a blogger and co-author of Swing Hacks for O'Reilly. He is currently a Developer Advocate for the webOS at Palm, Inc. He previously worked on JavaFX, Swing, NetBeans, and client lead for the Java Store at Sun Microsystems. Josh lives in Eugene, Oregon and is passionate about open source technology & great user interfaces. He uses a Palm Pre, MacBook Pro, and Nikon D50 SLR to spread understanding of great design in software.

Stuart Marks is a senior staff engineer in the Client Systems Group of Sun Microsystems, Inc. He has worked on Java ME for seven years, and he has served on the expert groups for MIDP 1.0 (JSR-37), MIDP 2.0 (JSR-118), and the PDA Optional Packages (JSR-75). He is the project owner for phoneME Feature.

Tom Marrs, a 20 year veteran in the software industry, is the principal and senior software architect at Vertical Slice, a consulting firm that designs and implements mission-critical business applications using the latest J2EE and open source technologies, along with providing architecture evaluation and developer training and mentoring services. Tom is the lead author of JBoss At Work: A Practical Guide (O'Reilly, 2005), has been published in Java Developers' Journal, and authored and co-authored several technical training courses. Tom teaches Java/J2EE/JBoss training classes, speaks regularly at software conferences such as No Fluff Just Stuff, and reviews best-selling technical books for major publishers. An active participant in the local technical community, Tom has served as president of the Denver Java Users Group.

Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) has been a software professional since 1970 and
an international software consultant since 1990. He is founder and
president of Object Mentor Inc., a team of experienced consultants who
mentor their clients worldwide in the fields of C++, Java, OO, Patterns,
UML, Agile Methodologies, and Extreme Programming. In 1995 Robert authored
the best-selling book: Designing Object Oriented C++ Applications using the
Booch Method, published by Prentice Hall. From 1996 to 1999 he was the
editor-in-chief of the C++ Report. In 1997 he was chief editor of the book:
Pattern Languages of Program Design 3, published by Addison Wesley. In 1999
he was the editor of "More C++ Gems" published by Cambridge Press. He is
co-author, with James Newkirk, of "XP in Practice", Addision Wesley, 2001.
In 2002 he wrote the long awaited "Agile Software Development: Principles,
Patterns, and Practices", Prentice Hall, 2002. In 2003 he wrote "UML for
Java Programmers" published by Prentice Hall. He has published hundreds of
articles in various trade journals, and is a regular speaker at
international conferences and trade shows.

Abdel Martínez is an Information and Computational Systems Engineer and is specialized in Java Development and Enterprise IT Architecture. OCP Java SE 6. OCA Java SE 5 & 6. OCA Database 11g Administrator. OCA, Oracle Weblogic 11g System Administrator. Oracle IT Architecture Certified Implementation Specialist. LPIC-1. ITIL Foundation (syllabus 2011).

Brian is a member of the JSR 225 (XQJ) Expert Group. He has been a full-time Java developer and advocate for 9+ years. He is a DevelopMentor Certified Java Master and Certified Java Master Instructor, has authored 3 books, numerous articles and whitepapers on Java APIs and programming, and was the original Tip and Techniques editor for the Java Developer's Journal. Brian graduated in 1992 with a BSEE from Johns Hopkins University. He works as a consultant through his company

Sai Matam has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of software. He loves to discuss Object Oriented Design, Design Patterns, Distributed Computing, Cloud Computing and Java. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from Osmania University, India.

Marcelo Mayworm is an independent software architecture and consultant. He's been working with systems architecture over 8 years in the IT industry in Brazil and working with Java technology since 1998. Nowadays Marcelo Mayworm is student in the Masters program in Computer Science from the Rio de Janeiro University of Brazil, where he has been researching about Information Retrieval area of Computation Engineering. He works with the purpose to be a means of spreading Java culture and expanding the knowledge of new technologies. He has spoken at many Java-related events, such as OneDayJava, JustJava, FISL, BrasilOne, and others.

As a Java Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems, Carol McDonald has spoken at various conferences including JavaOne, Java University, Sun Tech Days, Sun Network, Sun Code Camps, JDJEdge, and JUGs including Machester, Boston, Maine, Cologne, FAA, Richmond, Memphis, D.C... Carol blogs about the latest technologies that she is speaking about at Before returning to Sun in 2007, Carol worked 2 1/2 yrs as an Architect on massive OLTP Spring/hibernate application to manage > 10 mill loans for the consumer credit division of a leading automoblile manufacturer and a leading bank. Before joining Sun the first time in 1999 Carol worked on Pharmaceutical Intranet applications for Roche in Switzerland, a Telecom Network Management Application for Digital (now HP) in France, a X.400 Email Server for IBM in Germany, and as a student intern for the National Security Agency. Carol holds a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Tennessee, a B.S. in Geology from Vanderbilt University, and is a Sun Certified Java Architect and Java Language Programmer. Carol is also Fluent in French and German.

Mark McKay is a long time Java programmer who's been writing graphics creation software since he first learned how to use hi-res mode on his Apple ][+. Interested in storytelling, animation and RPG-style games, he wants to create software that makes it easy for artists to express themselves. He's also interested in visual programming interfaces, and hopes that by providing high level node based frameworks, he can create programs that are faster, more intuitive to write and easier to extend.

Brett McLaughlin has been working in computers since the Logo days
(remember the little triangle?). He currently specializes in building
application infrastructure using Java and Java-related technologies. He
has spent the last several years implementing these infrastructures at
Nextel Communications and Allegiance Telecom Inc. Brett is one of the
co-founders of the Java Apache project Turbine, which builds a reusable
component architecture for Web application development using Java
servlets. He is also a contributor of the EJBoss project, an open source
EJB application server, and Cocoon, an open source XML Web-publishing

Eamonn McManus is the technical lead of the JavaFX Authoring Tool team at Oracle Corporation. Before that, he was the tech lead of the JMX team, and headed the technical work on JSR 255 (JMX API 2.0) and JSR 262 (Web Services Connector for JMX Agents). In a previous life, he worked at the Open Software Foundation's Research Institute on the Mach microkernel and countless other things, including a TCP/IP stack written in Java. In an even previouser life, he worked on modem firmware in Z80 assembler. He is Irish, but lives and works in France and in French. His first name is pronounced Aymun (more or less) and is correctly written with an acute accent on the first letter, which however he long ago despaired of getting intact through computer systems.

Meade has coached over 20 Extreme Programming teams, and is the
often absent editor of

Igor Medeiros is a Brazilian Java Card specialist, working on it since 2003. He promotes Java Card as a speaker and writer in Brazil. He uses to help academic students in their thesis on smart cards and Java. He works at the research institute LSITEC and spends his free time on Photography and as a volunteer assisting homeless people.

Bhakti is an author of "Developing RESTful Services with JAX-RS 2.0, WebSockets and JSON"
Bhakti has been involved with Java platform development since 2000. Currently she is a Senior Software Engineer at BlueJeans Network. Prior to this she was at Sun Microsystems/Oracle for 13 years and has been a committer for various open source projects like Apache Xerces, Xalan, XSLTC and Netbeans . She has worked on different areas like JAXP, JAXB, WS -RM (Web services Reliable Messaging) and JSR 109 .
She was one of the founding members of GlassFish team. Her primary areas of interest are Server Side technologies, XML, Web Services, Java EE and Cloud.
Bhakti has a Bachelors degree in Software Engineering and a Masters degree in Computer Science. She is a regular speaker in different conferences along with having articles, enterprise tech tips on different subjects.

Bhakti’s tweets can be followed at @Bhakti_Mehta

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Bhakti Mehta's books on Goodreads

Developing RESTFful Services with Jax-RS 2.0, WebSockets, and JSON

reviews: 2

ratings: 3 (avg rating 4.33)

Tweets by @bhakti_mehta
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Chris Melissinos is Sun Microsystems' Chief Gaming Officer and a self-proclaimed video game addict. His responsibilities include the development of Sun Microsystems programs, offerings, and vision targeting the electronic entertainment industry. As the Chief Gaming Officer, he is responsible for driving an industry-wide movement toward JavaTM technology-based game development and building infrastructure programs for massively connected game play. Melissinos' speaking resume includes high profile conferences such as the Consumer Electronics Show, Electronic Entertainment Expo, Game Developers Conference, Harvard's Cyberposium, JavaTM Conference in Milan, Italy, and Ziff-Davis's Electronic Gaming Summit.

Steven Meloan is a former software developer. He has covered the Web and the Internet for such publications as Wired magazine,, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Los Angeles magazine, and the SF Weekly.

Kedar Maswade is a staff engineer at Sun Microsystems Inc. Member of Expert Group for JSR 003. Areas of interest -- Open Source Software, JMX, Java EE.

Haim Michael, an eternal student and a lecturer, is an endless Java oriented self learner and a snowboard addict.

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Dan Milstein is an independent programmer and consultant in the Boston area. He has spent many years building database-backed websites for various clients, and has become something of a Java and Servlet expert as a result. He worked for a time as a committer on the Tomcat project, during which period he salvaged the Tomcat-Apache connectors from disaster, largely by writing comments in other people's code. This is still his idea of a good time.

Claudio Miranda works as a consultant for Summa Technologies and has participated
in some large projects in Brazil for financial and telco companies. He has
6 years of experience working with the java platform and has been a member of SouJava JUG since 2002. He has
participated as speaker in some events (including JavaOne 2002), also
helps some opensource projects in beta testing, forum and mailing lists,
bugfixes, etc. He enjoys learning new trends in java
development, architecture, web frameworks and looks forward to sharing his views
with you here in English or on his Portuguese blog.

John D. Mitchell is the Chief Architect of Krugle -- a search engine for developers. Along with developing and rescuing distributed enterprise systems, John advises investors and executives on
technology and high-tech companies. Over the past 15 years, he has been
the CTO of ElasticMedia,, jGuru and the MageLang Institute.
John co-authored Making
Sense of Java: A Guide for Managers and the Rest of Us. He was the
founder and contributing editor of the Tips &
Tricks column at JavaWorld. John writes extensively on complex
systems, development processes, computer languages and protocols, open
source and intellectual property, and technological business risk

Darryl Mocek is a Staff Engineer for Sun Microsystems, Inc., currently working on JavaME CDC and related technologies.

Dr. Mohan is the Principal Architect at eAI-SAN Technologies, which he founded in 2002 in Bangalore after 15 years of software development and management experience. He previously worked at a technology startup, HP India Software Operation, and he was a faculty member at the Supercomputer Centre at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. His varied interests include enterprise software, security, networking, and now mobile and embedded software, as well as working with NGOs to bridge the digital divide.

Richard Monson-Haefel currently serves on the J2EE 1.4 (JSR-151) and EJB 2.1
(JSR-153) and EJB 3.0 (JSR 220) expert groups for the Java Community
Process. . He is a founder of the Apache Geronimo and the OpenEJB open
source projects. Mr. Monson-Haefel is the award winning author of Enterprise
JavaBeans, 4th Edition, J2EE Web Services and the coauthor of Java Message
Service. More information on his work can be found at

Stephen Montgomery is currently a genetics Ph.D. student at Canada's
Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre in Vancouver, BC. He has an
undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics and several years of software
development experience. He is an instructor for the Canadian
Bioinformatics Workshops and a core member of VanBUG, the Vancouver
Bioinformatics User Group.

Rajiv Mordani is a senior engineer at Sun Microsystems, working on the web technologies as an architect. Rajiv has been involved in the open source community at Apache with xerces and tomcat in the past doing implementation and also as the JAXP specification lead. He is currently the specification lead for Servlets.

Pete Morgan works for a small UK software house using Java, Oracle, SQL
server and legacy VB/Access. With 30 years programming experience in a
variety of businesses both large & small in commercial & military
markets. (He was even managing director of a small computer engineering
company for two years)
Pete is very much a J2SE guy (wouldn't know a servlet from a glass
fish!) and is convinced that Java is THE primary key to unlocking the
shackles of "proprietarianism" from the small business sector.

Simon Morris started coding professionally back when 1 MB of RAM was considered decadent. He eked a living writing games for a while, before winding up scribbling R+D code at a top UK university. In early 1996 he discovered Java, drawn immediately to its latent potential - which, he reckons, it still hasn't even begun to tap. He now owns a laptop with more than 1 Mb of RAM (but doesn't like to boast about it).

Currently, Masood Mortazavi manages several teams of Sun engineers
working on open-source technologies such as Apache / Derby (Java
DB), MySQL Connectors, MySQL Docs and MySQL Developer Tools. He has
also managed Sun's PostgreSQL and ORM teams prior to the MySQL
acquisition. Masood joined Sun Microsystems' Java Software unit in
1999 as a member of the original J2EE team. He developed
distributed transaction capabilities in RMI-IIOP and led the
development team for GIOP 1.2. As a member of the carrier-grade
J2EE project at Sun, he developed service control platforms and
started a number of collaborations with SMI's mobile
telecommunications partners. He has worked on SIP/IMS technologies
for Sun and designed and developed a failure detection and recovery
platform for cooperating processes. Masood has worked at Nasa Ames
(Sterling Software), on DARPA projects (Teknowledge Corp.) and on
satellite ground systems (Hughes) as well as for China National
Petroleum Company. He has graduate degrees in business (MBA,
Berkeley), journalism (M.J.. Berkeley) and scientific computing
(Ph.D. in computational fluid dynamics, Davis) and did several
years of post-graduate work in logic and methodology of science at
UC Berkeley. He has published many technical papers and has
multiple patents. He maintains separate weblogs at
and at

Carla Mott is a contributor on Project jMaki, editor on The Aquarium webblog, a Java Enterprise Community leader on and a committer on Dojo, an open-source JavaScript toolkit. Previously, she was a project owner for Project GlassFish where she helped to open source Sun's application server and to build the GlassFish community. She has been at Sun for 12 years, worked on the application server technologies since 1999 and has had the opportunity to speak at JavaOne for the last 4 years.