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Jon Mountjoy works primarily with XML and J2EE technologies, though all sorts of technologies excite him. He occupies himself as an editor, developer, manager, author and consultant, though rarely manages to do more than one of these at any given moment. He is co-author of WebLogic: The Definitive Guide. Jon has a post-graduate degree in computer science, and lives in Scotland.

Raphael Mudge is a former military scientist working on a tech startup. His open source includes the scripting language Sleep and the IRC client jIRCii. He still believes rxvt is a fine IDE. Research interests include interpreters, formal methods, and distributed systems.

Tom Mueller has been working with Java since 1997 in projects including Sun's Portal Server, the Update Center used by GlassFish, and most recently, working for Oracle on the GlassFish project itself as the technical lead for administration infrastructure.

Sean Mullan is a staff engineer at Sun Microsystems working on Java Security and focused on the areas of PKI, XML Security, and access control. He was specification lead of JSR 55 (Certification Path API) and is currently co-specification lead of JSR 105 (XML Digital Signature API).

Hans is the CTO for Sun's Desktop division. He's been at Sun for over
15 years and has been involved with desktop GUI work of one kind
another for nearly all of that time. He's been involved with the Java
project since its earliest days and led the Swing team and later
all of the client Java work at Sun.

Sreenivas Munnangi is a senior member of the Sun Java Application Server Administration and Management team. He is also the project owner for glassfish-samples project. He was a key contributor to the Application Server Enterprise Edition design and implementation. His earlier experience was in the areas of eCommerce applications, web applications, and N-tier application architecture.

Appointed as AJAX Architect for Sun Microsystems, Greg Murray is deeply involved in the AJAX movement through his participation in the OpenAJAX Alliance and contributions to the Dojo Foundation's open-source JavaScript toolkit.

Within Sun, Greg lead a grass roots effort advancing the integration of client-side scripting with Java technologies and is the creator and principal architect of Project jMaki. jMaki uses the best parts of Java and the best parts of JavaScript to deliver rich AJAX style widgets through a singe, easy-to-use interface that accesses components from popular widget libraries such as Dojo,, Yahoo's UI Library, Spry, DHTML Goodies, and Google's Web Toolkit. Greg recently contributed to the design and development of the AJAX-based Java Pet Store 2.0 Demo and helped create Java BluePrints solutions for using AJAX with Java technologies.

Sivasubramanian Muthusamy is a graduate in business from India, living in India, with
over 17 years of business experience, now working on designing an X86
standalone of optimal hardware components for Solaris 10 and the Sun Java
Desktop System. Would work on streamlining the GUI to make the Operating
System as easy as any other operating system in the world, incomparably

Maxym (Boris' Son) Mykhalchuk, a.k.a Mihmax, a.k.a. Gandalf.

Maxym can be found on hiking trips in the Crimea Mountains singing songs
in the forest next to a crackling fire. With his tent on his back
climbing mountains, he is surely thinking about the Russian Localization
of NetBeans and the several API/Form changes that he is working on.
Maxym found NetBeans while he was attending the university and writing a
Java program. He has now been a user and contributor for over two years and has lead the localization effort in Russian completing the first
contribution of a localized release of NetBeans. Maxym is an active
member of the development community on NetBeans. He also provides support to users through a Russian mailing list, news and technical
content translations and is an evangelist for NetBeans. Most recently, Maxym was elected to represent NetBeans on the community governance board.

Laird Nelson is a Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle where he works with the foundations of Java EE. He also plays a mean Hammond B3.

Larry Nelson is the Senior Group Manager, Global Education Learning Community (GELC), responsible for promoting world wide participation in GELC.

4 years with Sun, 15+ plus years in the educational technology market, Larry has been Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Finance at SchoolCity; President and CEO of Decision Development Corporation; thrice elected co-Chairman of the School Interoperability Framework Executive Board (SIF); he was elected to two terms on the Education Section Board for the Software Publishers' Association (now Software Information Industry Association).

Billy Newport is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM. He's been at IBM since 2001.
Billy was the lead on the WorkManager/ Scheduler APIs which were later
standardized by IBM and BEA and are now the subject of JSR 236 and JSR 237.
Billy lead the design of the WebSphere 6.0 non blocking IO framework
(channel framework) and the WebSphere 6.0 high availability/clustering
(HAManager). Billy currently works on WebSphere XD and ObjectGrid. He's
also the lead persistence architect and runtime availability/scaling
architect for the base application server.

Before IBM, Billy worked as an independant consultant at investment banks,
telcos, publishing companies and travel reservation companies. He wrote
video games in C and assembler on the ZX Spectrum, Atari ST and Commodore
Amiga as a teenager. He started programming on an Apple IIe when he was
eleven, his first programming language was 6502 assembler.

Billys current interests are lightweight non invasive middleware, complex
event processing systems and grid based OLTP frameworks.

Ethan Nicholas is the lead engineer for the Yahoo! Publishing Tools team, and was the original author of the Swing-based Yahoo! SiteBuilder web design application. In his spare time he is developing JAXX, an XML-based user interface language for creating Java desktop applications.

When not playing hockey, chasing after his kids or riding bikes, Scott Nicol programs whatever computer he is allowed to touch. Scott is an employee of the U1 Consulting Group.

Michael Nielsen is a full-time software developer/manager, part-time consultant/instructor, working in Java development since, well, the beginning. Promoting cross-platform solutions, open source & usability.

Pat Niemeyer ( is the author of the books Learning Java and
Exploring Java, O'Reilly & Associates and the creator of the BeanShell Java
Scripting Language. Pat is an independent consultant in the areas of
networking and distributed applications and is currently working on enterprise
systems in the financial industry. Pat lives in St. Louis, where he
spends much of his time and keeps all of his stuff.

Margaret Nilson is a senior technical program Manager in the Mobile & Embedded Platforms Group at Sun Microsystems, Inc. She has worked on Java products and technologies for many years, with focus in the communications industry. Prior to joining Sun's Java ME product team, she led the JCP-based JAIN Community. Margaret holds an MSCS degree from University of Texas and is a certified Project Management Professional. She currently serves as the Community Program Manager of the Mobile & Embedded Community.

Currently, working in Infosys Technologies Ltd. on Data Warehousing Projects, focusing primarily on Unix shell-scripting by creating automation scripts, tools, etc.

Elias Nogueira is a Java Developer with a focus on Swing applications and Test Engineer for data quality and geomaps (maps) applications. He is also leader of the studies group "Confraria do Java" and GELC Leader, and promotes the use of Java technology and to attract the interest of students in universities by setting up group of studies.

Dana Nourie is a Sun Microsystems staff writer and editorial manager of the Java SE hub, the New to Java Programming Center, Java Technology Fundamentals, and Core Tech Tips. She also gives chats for developers in the Sun Developer Playground in Second Life.

Ryan O'Connell is a Staff Engineer with Sun Microsystems, Inc. Ryan works on the J2EE Compatibility Test Suite (CTS). His primary responsibilities include tools development and test harness maintenance. Before joining CTS, Ryan worked on designing and developing system management software for Sun's High End Server products.

Ryan holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Boston University and a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida.

John O'Conner is a software architect, consultant, author, and speaker.
After many years developing the internationalization features of the
Java platform at Sun Microsystems, he is now actually trying to use
those features in real world projects.

Kelly O'Hair is working in multiple areas of the JDK but primarily in improving Build and Quality issues.

Brian has 10+ years of experience as a technology leader and architect in a wide variety of settings from early startups to Fortune 500 companies. His experience includes customer facing solutions in SaaS, VoIP, analytics and business intelligence. As a big proponent of open source software, Brian leads projects on Java.Net and has participated in the Java Community Process as a member of several expert groups. Brian has patents in artificial intelligence, dynamic application data routing and service discovery and holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Brown University.

Graham O'Regan is a senior architect with Ellison Brookes a leading consultancy and systems integrator that specialises in the development, delivery and support of multichannel solutions. He specializes in J2EE technology on *nix platforms and has worked on many large-scale developments in various sectors including telecommunications and electronic commerce.

Neil O'Toole is the Enterprise Portal and Identity Management Architect at SAIC, a Fortune 500 science & engineering consulting firm based in San Diego, California. In addition to the day job, Neil works on a bunch of open source projects, including Apache Commons-Collections, NetTool, and Interruptible RMI, as well as being a member of the Expert Group for JSR-261 (JAX-WSA). Prior to SAIC, Neil worked at Cape Clear, where he developed some of the earliest Web Services technology.

Scott Oaks works in the middleware performance group at Oracle, where he focuses on the performance of Fusion Middleware and Glassfish. He has worked with Java technology since 1996 and is the co-author of four books in the O'Reilly Java Series, including Java Threads (now in its third edition).

Dave Ockwell-Jenner is a seasoned Java developer, with over 11 years experience in delivering critical business systems. This has included building the first web site for an international telecommunications company, and being one of the earliest adopters of Java technology. Dave currently leads web development for a well-known wireless device manufacturer, is active in the security industry and provides consulting services to small-to-mid-sized businesses.

Steve A. Olson is a founder and Chairman of the Board of Applied Information Technologies, Inc. ( and is currently serving the House and Senate within the Office of Legislative Information at the Congressional Research Service on Capital Hill.   Since 1994, Mr. Olson has worked extensively in the area of Database/Web integration and for the past 5 years on Java and J2EE Technologies.  Mr. Olson has presented several papers at local, regional and national technical conferences.

Francois Orsini is a senior staff engineer working in the Database Technology group at Sun Microsystems with 18 years' experience in databases and infrastructure development. His expertise is in distributed data management systems, security, resource management, HA cluster solutions, and connectivity services. Francois spent 8 years at Sybase as a senior engineer working on the SQL Server core engine. He then worked at Cloudscape, Inc. as a technical lead, where he designed and implemented connectivity, security and middleware services for the Cloudscape Java database. Francois holds a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and Computer Science from the Paris Institute of Technology.

Ed Ort is a writer on the staff of the Sun Developer Network. He writes technical articles that appear on and After a long career at IBM, where he focused on relational database technologies and programming languages, Ed came to Sun and turned his attention exclusively to Java technology. Besides writing, Ed also manages the JavaLive chat program, and the newsletters: Core Java Technologies Tech Tips, and Enterprise Java Technologies Tech Tips. When he's not writing, running chats, or handling newsletters, Ed is usually hiking or jogging in the mountains that surround Las Vegas, Nevada.

Felipe Ortiz uses Java to push bits from one place to another. Felipe is a Senior Software Engineer at a startup in the Silicon Valley where he is part of a team that develops software solutions for high rolling hedge funds. You can find more of Felipe's writing on programming and software development at Juixe

Vivek Pandey is a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems. He works on XML and Web Services technologies. He has represented Sun at WS-I and W3C WSDL Working Group. He is involved with various projects, such as JAX-WS RI, Metro, WSIT, WOM, Hudson, GlassFish-Scripting, GlassFish gem and Glassfish. Currently he is technical lead of scripting languages support in Glassfish.
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Ramesh Parthasarathy is an engineer at Sun Microsystems, working in Java EE application server development engineering group. He contributes to glassfish project. Besides that, he is also involved in Generic Resource Adapter for JMS project. Prior experiences include developing Java Business Integration (JBI) components for OpenESB.

Rima Patel Sriganesh is a staff engineer presently working in the Technology Outreach group at Sun Microsystems, Inc. She specializes in Java, XML and Integration platforms. Rima represents Sun at various financial services standards. She is a co-author of three books and publishes her take on technology in the form of papers and blogs. She also speaks frequently at various industry conferences. To find out more about her work, google - "Rima Patel Sriganesh".

Tomas Pavek is a software engineer at Sun Microsystems who has been working on the NetBeans IDE since 2000. He is the lead developer of the GUI builder in NetBeans, now primarily focused on the project Matisse. Tomas lives in Prague, Czech Republic.