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Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart is a Distinguished Engineer at Sun in the area of Web Services and XML. Eduardo has been involved in a number of open source efforts, starting with XEmacs (nee Lucid Emacs) many years ago. He was also involved in Tomcat (has been the lead of most of the JSP specifications), jakarta-taglibs and other Apache efforts.

Kirk Pepperdine works as an independent consultant offering Java performance-related services. Prior to focusing on Java, Kirk developed and tuned systems written in C/C++, Smalltalk, and a variety of other languages. Kirk has written many articles and spoken at several conferences on the subject of performance tuning. He helped evolve as a resource for performance tuning tips and information.

Santiago holds a PhD in computer science from Boston University, where he specialized in programming languages and compilers. He has been a staff engineer at Sun/Oracle for 9 years. In his first project, he co-developed XSLTC: an XSLT to bytecode compiler now in the JDK. In the next few years his focus was on XML performance and binary XML and developed the Japex micro-benchmark framework. He participated, and was appointed editor, in a number of initiatives in this area including the W3C XML Binary Characterization WG and the W3C Efficient XML Interchange WG. Before joining the Glassfish Web Tier team at Oracle, he was tech lead for JAXP and also worked on the Glassfish Mobility Platform. Currently, he is the co-spec lead for JAX-RS 2.0 (JSR 339).

Per is a Swede living in Montreal, the Metropole of Quebec. Per works
for Ericsson as a Software Engineer. He has been part of the team
implementing SIP servlets in the Tomcat HTTP container, development and
test tools for SIP and IMS. Per is part of the Expert Group for Sip
Servlet 1.1 API (JSR 289) and the Media Control API (JSR 309).

In his free time he spends most of the time at the Gym or out jogging
around the city.

Paul Philion graduated from Virginia Tech in 1989 with a B.S. in Computer Science and minors in Mathematics and Philosophy. He has been developing in Java professionally since JDK 1.0a2. Paul is a Sun Certified Java Programmer, Developer, Architect, and Web Component Developer. Currently he is the principal architect at Acme Rocket Company, where he designs enterprise systems, tinkers with new technologies and expresses his opinions (loudly). When he's not in the office writing code (and documentation!), he's at the beach, with a glass of wine, writing code.

Currently CEO of open source management consulting firm Meshed Insights, computer industry veteran Simon Phipps has engaged at a strategic level in the world's leading technology companies. He has worked in roles such as field engineer, programmer and systems analyst, as well as run a software publishing company. He worked with OSI standards in the 80s, on collaborative conferencing software in the 90s, and helped introduce both Java and XML at IBM. President of the global Open Source Initiative and a director of the UK's Open Rights Group, he takes an active interest in digital liberty and software freedom and is a widely read thought-leader with a regular column on ComputerWorldUK.
He spent a decade at Sun Microsystems where he helped pioneer Sun's employee blogging, social media and community engagement programmes. In 2005 he was appointed Chief Open Source Officer at Sun Microsystems, co-ordinating Sun's extensive participation in Free and Open Source software communities until he left in 2010. In that role he oversaw the conversion to Free software of the Java platform, Solaris UNIX, the SPARC architecture and the rest of Sun's portfolio, all under open source licenses. An outspoken advocate of the value of Open Document Format (ODF) for businesses and governments, he has been an advisor to local and national government agencies across Europe, the Pacific Rim and Latin America as they have devised and implemented strategies around Free and Open Source software.
He holds a degree in electronic engineering and is a Fellow of the British Computer Society. His personal home page and blog is

Osvaldo Doederlein ( is as a software engineer at Google.

Joerg Plewe is a (desktop-) Java developer since 2000 and has been in many areas of IT ranging from embedded programming to bioinformatics and games before. Joerg studied physics and used to work with many languages like C/C++, Forth, Lisp, assembly and others in all kinds of environments. He has four kids, enjoys sports such as cycling, underwater-rugby and flying around in light aircrafts - as aviation is his passion. In 2007 he was honored by being chosen as a founding member of the NetBeans Dreamteam.

Mark Polishook is a new media artist and an arts and education technology specialist with interests in robotics, programming, digital audio, and improvised behavior, aka jazz. His Robots-in-Residence installation has been seen in Denmark and Poland and was a prize-winner in France. In 2004, PalmOne produced a Super Bowl commercial based on his Handheld Composing project.

Being Principal Architect, and Software and Java Ambassador, Sun Microsystems Greater China Professional Services, Max works on various software development and Java consultancy engagements and speaks for Java developer events, especially on adoption of Java and SOA technologies, open-source frameworks, application monitoring and management using Java Management Extension (JMX).

Max is a Sun Certified Web Component Developer, Business Component Developer (Java EE 5), Java Web Services Developer, and J2EE Enterprise Architect. Max is also an IBM Certified Developer in OOAD/UML, and in XML and Related Technologies, and Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Alexey Popov leads a Java engineering team at Sun Microsystems, doing
Compatibility Testing Suites for Java Micro Edition and testing tools since
Embedded Java times.

Leonid Popov is a Swing team engineer from St.Petersburg, Russia. Having a 10-year experience in programming for server and client sides, he enjoys working on JFileChooser, which gives an opportunity to develop his skills in the both areas.

Pavel Porvatov is a member of the Swing Team. He has worked with J2ME, J2EE, and J2SE technologies for several years
now, and all three of these technologies are used together in his project

Alexander Potochkin is an engineer on the Swing team. He enjoys solving puzzles,
traveling to different countries and always returning to Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Lorenzo Puccetti is a software developer/architect living and working in London, England. When not at work Lorenzo enjoys swimming, playing the guitar, spending time with his wife,friends and family.

Rama Pulavarthi is a Principal Member of Technical Staff in the Java Web Services group at Oracle. He currently works in the development of JAX-WS RI, Metro and Glassfish projects. He has previously lead the Software Quality Engineering effort of JAX-RPC. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Auburn University in Alabama and Bachelors in Electronics and Communication from JNTU Hyderabad.

Srikanth Raju is a Staff Engineer and Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems,
Inc. Srikanth has extensive experience in all areas of Java Technology. As a
Principal Java Wireless Technology Evangelist, Srikanth consults, speaks,
teaches and writes about Java and Wireless technologies. Srikanth has
published extensively and has spoken in technical conferences around the world
on subjects such as J2ME, J2EE, J2SE, Java and VM Performance Tuning, RFID,
Web Services, Java and .NET interoperability, Solaris, N1 Grid Provisioning,
etc. He also teaches Java and Wireless Programming at the University of
California Extension, Santa Cruz.

Ken Ramirez has 18 years of experience providing development services, consulting, and training
to companies (both large and small) throughout the United States. He consults in various market industries,
including finance, insurance, computer-aided design, community portals, automobile, and much more. Ken's Java
expertise includes J2EE, XML, portals, UML, and many open source technologies. You can view his weblog at

M. Ranganathan is a Computer Scientist at the Advanced Networking Technologies
Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). His
research interests are in the area of Middleware Technologies and Distributed
Systems. He has been actively contributing code on three projects:
(1) jain-sip - the reference implementation of jain-sip 1.1 (JSR-32)
(2) jain-sip-presence-proxy - a proxy server for SIP built on JAIN-SIP-1.1 and
(3) jain-sip-3pcc - a third party call control application for SIP.
In past lives, Ranga has been on the development teams of OS/2 and AIX
Security and has worked a few years as a Mechanical Engineer designing
robots and automation equipment for plastic processing plants. His
hope for the future is to write more code that gets used and less code
that gets thrown away.

Sankar is a staff engineer at Sun. Sankar has been working on Java EE and application server development since 2000. At
present he is actively contributing to transactions and self management modules in glassfish. Prior to joining Sun, he had worked
as a scientist in defence research and devlopment oraganization in parallel computing and related areas for 3 and half years.

Timothy Reaves started his professional career at
Brookhaven National Laboratory. He's been writing OO software and doing OO design for a decade and currently focuses on Software Engineering,
specifically with OOAD. Reaves feels that knowing all the processes in the world
will not help without truly understanding the strengths - and weaknesses -
of the OO paradigm.

Sven Reimers, based at the Lake Constance in southern Germany, is Senior System Engineer and Software Architect. He has 15 years of experience building complex software systems, more than 12 in Java, going back to the early Java days. Sven is the winner of the Duke's Choice Award in the category Network Solutions. Besides his day job his achievements for NetBeans got him elected NetBeans Dream Team member in 2008. Since 2009 he is also Community Leader for NetBeans at Sven is frequent contributor to local and global Java events - speaking, taking part in panel discussions or Hands on Labs.

Mark Reinhold is an Architect at Oracle, where he works on Java SE and OpenJDK. This is his old blog; his new blog is at

Abdel is currently a Platform Architect at, a startup in the messaging/social mobile space. He is software developer and technology enthusiast at heart and by profession. Particularly interested in technology evangelism and enterprise software development and architecture. Experienced in Java Enterprise Applications and a wide range of related technologies. President and Founder of a number of organizations namely The NorCal Java User Group, The Silicon Valley Dart Meetup, and The Silicon Valley Spring User Group. Abdel is a JavaOne RockStar and a frequent speaker at a number of developer conferences including JavaOne, JAX Conf, OsCon, OREDEV, 33rd Degree and many user groups and community events.

Follow him on Twitter

Email: abdelmonaim.remani AT

Brian Repko is president of LearnThinkCode, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN. He's been doing and teaching Java and J2EE since 1997 and a plethora of languages before that going back to the days of disco. A Sun Certified Enterprise Architect known to quote J2EE specs, when he is not playing an uber-geek, he can usually be found running, biking or swimming.

John Reynolds is a Santa Fe (as in New Mexico) based programming mentor who has been professionally developing software since 1980.  His primary focus has been on software usability and usefulness, dating back to his involvement with Tandy's DeskMate graphical environment in the late 80's.  Java is his current language of choice, superceding a long relationship with C++ and an early affair with the irrepressible FORTH.

As Director of Content and Community for Flashline, Inc. Bob Rhubart manages the editorial content that appears on that company's Web site, and is responsible for opening and maintaining various channels for community interaction. Before joining Flashline in 1999, he was an editor for, a pioneering online bookstore. As a freelance writer Bob's work has appeared in a number of regional, national, and online publications. He lives in Bay Village, Ohio.

Seema Richard is a Java architect at the Trivandrum-based software
company UST Global. She has been working in Java for the last 7 years,
specialising in the J2EE technology spectrum. She has a B.Tech from
College of Engineering, Trivandrum and a Diploma in Advanced Computing
from CDAC, Pune. She also holds Sun certifications for Programmer, Web
Component Developer and Business Component Developer.

I love working with a broad range of technologies. At work it is mostly JavaEE and JavaSE technologies, as a hobby I do some Java on devices.

Roger Riggs is a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems with a
focus on design and architecture of Java(tm) Micro Edition
for wireless devices.

He is leading Sun's efforts within the Java Community Process to standardize
the Java APIs for wireless devices.

He has been designing and implementing Java systems since 1995 and has
extensive knowledge of the Java Language, libraries and Java virtual
machine. He developed core APIs for distributed computing for the
Java Developers Kit (JDK) versions 1.1 and 1.2 including Java Object
Serialization and Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI). He has
contributed to mobile APIs for the Mobile Information Device Profile
and many optional packages.

Roger is one of the co-authors of Programming Wireless Devices with
the Java Micro Edition.

Michael Van Riper has a Bachelors in Computer Science from MIT. Van
has more than 25 years of experience as a software engineer in Silicon
Valley. He was a core member of the engineering team at Adobe that
built the award winning Adobe PageMill web authoring program. Since
1999, he has focused on developing web applications in Java. He is
Chief Web Technologist at Krillion in Mountain View,
California. He is also the founder and co-leader of the Silicon Valley
Web Developer JUG
and the Silicon Valley Google Technology User

Wolfram Rittmeyer is a Senior Software Developer in a large company developing software for financial services. He has been working with Java since the second half of the nineties and has never seen back. His interests lie mostly in Java Enterprise technologies, free software and web related technologies like Comet and Ajax. Furthermore he likes to listen to gothic music and darkwave or to read a good book and he loves hiking and biking. Wolfram lives and works in Münster, a medium-sized German city, but he might also be seen at conferences in Europe that have to do with free software and/or Java like FOSDEM or JavaPolis.

Amy Roh has been working for Java EE at Sun\Oracle since 2000 where her focus has been on webtier technologies including Servlet and web container.

Mark Roth has been working at Sun Microsystems since 1999 as a member of the J2EE team. He has contributed to a number of key specifications and implementations, and is a specification lead for JSP 2.0 and JSP 2.1.

Sourath Roy is a Technical Leader and Engineering Manager at Sun Microsystems India, an Oracle company, working on Java platforms for Embedded and TV for over 6 years. As a technical leader, he has been involved with many headless and headfull Java platform development across multiple Embedded and TV use cases. Sourath Roy is currently a Technical Leader for Oracle Java Micro Edition Embedded Client, a product designed for Embedded and TV market needs.

Ruby is a Senior Technical Staff Member in the Emerging Technologies group at IBM and is involved in a host of open source initiatives. He is a member of the Board of Directors and Vice President of the Apache Software Foundation and a developer on the Apache SOAP project. He is also the chairman of the Jakarta project, whose mission is to provide commercial-quality server solutions based on the Java Platform, developed in an open and cooperative fashion. He is a member of the XML PMC and a member of the ECMA TC39 group standardizing the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) for the .NET Framework. He is also a member of the PHP group, a select group of developers who contribute to core PHP. Ruby holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Math from Christopher Newport College.